Confirm option when closing gym

Iron Mike… be my magic Mike and give me a confirm option when closing the gym , I’ve lost concentration one too many times and clicked close gym by accident losing out on millions , it’s a great option but it auto closes it where as a man like me would appreciate some confirmation , Someboy.

Eeek… Not sure we can be that.

But we know the issue and our bad not fixing this one.

You need to sack the trainer first. So I would say it’s actually pretty hard to do.

What I have done though is start a new game by mistake :joy:. I’m sure many long term players have done this. Damn that sucks!

Hahaha it’s more when I add a new gym so as of yet I’ve not hired a trainer meaning soon as I click it closes the gym and I’m pissed at myself for getting distracted and losing out on millions😂

I’ve not accidentally started a game yet but won’t talk too soon…

Aye I see what you mean mate. Yeah that sucks and a quick way to lose millions.