Conflicting Fights……

Need some advice on how to play this. I’ve never had fighters fight each other and I don’t even know if my fighters can fight each other. I have younger fighters in the same divisions as my undisputed champions. Even if I move everyone up I will still have clashing fights. My question is can my fighters fight each other or will it force me to drop a fighter? Should I avoid making my fighters fight each other? Do I have to pick a fighter to drop? I’ve kinda paused because I don’t know how to play the coming months lol

Not to sure if you can make fights between people in same gym. Used to be able to but it got taken out of game. If you can still do it , best thing to do is wait until your other fighter is in contention for fight. Drop a belt or 2 so you have 2 champs at same weight. Have a few fights with other contenders then put on a fight between your 2 fighters. You can make a lot of money doing that.

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Thanks man. Great advice I wasn’t even thinking of vacating and having 2 fighters hold down 1 weight class. I’ve switched over to Boxing ringside for the time being but when I go back im doing just that.