Constant Losses for whole gym


Has anything changed in game of late?
I had multiple world champions in game but of late, cannot stop losing.

I’ve lost my last 8 fights, all champions have lost their belts and are losing fights they are 70% favourite though while also having the upper hand with fighting style.

Is there something else that can affect fights that I’m unaware of? I’m fairly new so any help is appreciated.

I know upsets can happen and I love that part of the game but I wouldn’t expect the constant flow of upsets.

Thanks in advance!

How are your camps looking and what are the difference in fighting styles? Styles especially can make a huge difference in talent in favor of your guy become a very close fight.

Camps, I don’t know too much about. I usually just boost one of them to make the camp up to 105% to avoid injury.

However, I’ve always done this. It may not be the ideal but I don’t know why my 52-2 undisputed champ has now gone to 52-9. Even against poor opposition where my fighting style is 20-10 in favour of my fighter, he’s losing.

I may well be doing something wrong as this is my first save but can’t put my finger on it!

Not sure man. Try fighting guys who you have a good style advantage over. That can really swing fights

Also, fighters regress as they get older and fight a ton of bouts, but the effects of regression don’t show on you attributes, only in-fight. That could be the case here. Might be time to retire your guy.

Thanks for the replies mate, that could be it. He’s now 34/35 but I’ve had him since 20. It’s happening to other fighters who are in their prime, but that could just be the usual upset (which I love) that feels worse because of my aging world beater.
I’ll see how the next couple of years go!

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No problem hope it helps. Also hope I’m right and not giving you bad info lol. @IronMike any wisdom to add here?


More wisdom than you! No.

For me it’s about starts with matchmaking. Even the lousiest of gyms can be taken a long way (happy for some real life examples here) with expert matchmaking. Equally the best of gyms can be ruined immediately with bad matchmaking…


Thanks for the advice both - it’s certainly helped.
I think it was an aging process as once he had left my stable, the other losses didn’t seemed just a bad match up or big upset.

Aging is a great part of the game and seeing a decline is how it should be - do we know if in future there will be a clear decline in stats so we can be aware and manage a fighter in the twilight of his career better?

We are toyed with this and expect to make this an option.


Great advice above. I would also say be very careful with matchmaking after a loss. I think there is some kind of hidden confidence counter / stat. I always try and go for an easyish fight after a defeat.


Same here! Like in real life need a morale boost after a loss…