Contract termination and possible money glitch?

As much I love this game, I am a bit surprised that there is no way you can terminate a fighters contract mid deal. Also, I’m not sure if it’s just me but my finances are a lot harder to control and I’m always losing a lot of money, thank god buying in game cash is free in the beta.

I’m also struggling to control my finances. I’ve tried only having one guy in my stable this was still hard. Got just about top of the rankings and couldn’t renew the contract due to no finances. He was close to a title fight too.

Also tried different lengths of contracts. It seems when the boxer gets a better ranking and you have to renew his contract this is where you lose the most money. Every game I’m in the minus and then can never renew any contracts so have to start again.

I get that it’s not meant to be a breeze but just seems so hard to control and make a profit. Unless I’m doing something wrong.

What I tend to do is every time a fighter fights leave a couple of weeks before you give him another fight so new rankings are published taking you further up the board for better profits you lose money in the mean time here and there for the gym upkeep but if you blitz it all out 1 fight straight after another your contract runs up pretty quick also can sometimes depend on the fighters you start with it’s always handy to try get a decent heavyweight because you can get a title shot normally within 20 fights depending on how you manage them, if you take on welters etc there’s like 400 fighters in the weight making it a lot more time consuming to get a title shot I had a welter 28-0 before he got a shot at a regional title in the beta and that’s fighting the best fights he could possibly take never mind a world title but luckily I had a decent heavyweight who got a title shot within 17 fights and that stabilised my finances

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To be fair I do wait until the new rankings come around every 4 weeks before choosing a new fight. Forgot to mention that bit haha.

I just find it hard to control the money. The save I’ve got at the minute I have a heavyweight however he just lost a fight so now back down the rankings. But I’m already one -£140k.

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I made a big post about finances the other day. It’s way tougher at the beginning than it used to be. Really need your contracts to be expiring at the same time. And don’t really spend anything at all until you have a champion. That’s the route Iv went down this game save and Iv had no issues.

And agree with above. Always wait until rankings update before organising a fight. Faster progress and more money.

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Appreciate pointing that out - I’m always a bit too excited booking the next fight for my 15-0

Small thing. But it’s easier to keep control of ranking updates if you use ‘weeks’ instead of ‘dates’. You also only need to look at new rookie boxers every 4 weeks (the day before ratings refresh). Sure most know this but thought I would mention it anyway.

Agree on the point on contract termination.

Expansion too soon in terms of gym size, upgrades and new fighters is a killer for sure.

Also playing the rankings is vital given the connection between rankings and the contract values.

We don’t have problems with money if a/ gym size is kept 3-4 until the bank is over $2m. b/ matchmaker go that a loss is a rarity/shock at all time c/pace fights and contract negotiation with cash flow in mind. We agree that it’s tough but that also with planning and consideration that it’s possible to get into the “many millions” stage particularly once a good champion and run of defences can be established.

Abolutely, again we’re trying for that balance with realism, depth and playability.
But chief take out is that you need a world champion (meaningful success) to really expand and grow.

I haven’t seen to have a problem with money I’ve had a few saves aswell during this beta

Must admit I like the earlier stages being a bit harder. I mean I lost out big style due to it, but started a new game with a different strategy and have had no problems. And it’s plain sailing once you have a champ.

Yeah too plain sailing :wink:
Wait until those champs start getting sketchy again…:slight_smile:

I tend to agree. Needs a bit of balance. But not back to when a heavyweight losing his title would completely bankrupt you :flushed::joy:

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I quite like this set up. First 2 games I started I went bankrupt and even had a multiple weight champ. The start of previous versions of game have been a bit of a walk in park and didn’t really need to think about it. At least now you can’t grow your stable too fast and got to be a bit more strategic about it.
Also I don’t think contract termination should be an option. It takes all the risk out of the game. It annoys me when you have a crap boxer in ranks but end of day it’s my own fault cos I signed them.

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