Contracts not renewing

I’ve had many prospects that don’t want to renew a contract even though I keep them fighting and keep paying them the most I can and still don’t want to Renew and it’s very frustrating that losing quality fighters

Are they winning fights/remaining unbeaten with you and not complaining at any point about time between fights or anything?
We haven’t seen anything like this but as ever let’s see what others say.

In my experience, you normally have issues with fighters re-signing if you lose the second last fight on the contract. Why I like to renew the contract with 2 fights remaining. Although that’s also tactical as you can lose an xp upgrade and a big fight profit.

Also if they have lost a few fights or you keep them waiting for fights.

But otherwise Iv has no issues with this.

Am the same as TTT on this one never run into to many issues that weren’t my fault, watch some of the contracts you sign would be my advice.

Yeah I’ve had that and kind of understand if they don’t want to resign but I’ve just signed this prospect on 3 fight deal and fought twice and won both and doesn’t want to renew and really is annoying

I had exactly the same thing. 3 fight deal, won his first two fights in quick succession and then wouldn’t sign an extension!

Yeah I think it is a 3 fight deal bug to be honest because just signed this fighter and already hates me

Would be good if fighters had personal preferences which affected their relationship with the manager. E.g. Fighters they despise and badly want to fight, fighters they want to avoid, number of fights per year, expectations regarding pay days, PPV fights, title fights, trainers they prefer, etc.
If the manager can deliver, the relationship is strengthened. If not, the manager has to work harder to keep the fighter happy - or do something else (e.g. sign their favorite trainer or a big name fighter to the gym).
Something along those lines.

It doesn’t look like a bug or at least doesn’t look that odd in some circumstance. Is this guy one co-oped into your gym at the start of the game or signed on a short term deal during the gam?
Why not fight him and see what happens…?

I’ve done it with so many fighters he’s just an example and no not the start of the game

I think there’s a bug with some fighters you can sign on a 1, 2 or 3 fight deal and once you sign them they don’t want to sign a new contract it seems like the guy who commented earlier is having the same problems

I had a fighter who would only sign 3 fight deal. He looked a really good prospect. After his 1st fight I tried to offer new contract and he was unhappy and wouldn’t sign. After 2nd fight he still wouldn’t sign so he had last fight and went. He won all his fights.

I just had the same thing happen to me. Signed a bright young prospect to a three fight deal, made a fight for him immediately and he won that, then immediately made another fight that he won. Went to negotiate a new contract and he says he doesn’t know how our relationship can be repaired and that he thinks his career will be better without me as his manager. Huh?

This is the first time I’ve had somebody refused to sign a new contract at all but every other time I’ve signed a fighter to a three fight deal he’s had a negative view of our relationship and it’ll say he has doubts but will re-sign.

Iv now had this twice (3 fight contract not resigning). But most 3 fight contracts have re-signed with me. I don’t really see it as a big issue. Seems realistic that not every boxer will like you.

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I’ve had this only happen once - every other 3 fight contract has been renewed

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