Couple of ideas

Couple of (I think) new suggestions

Most suggestions seem to get repeated over and over but I think I have a couple of new ones here.

I have said before I would like it expanded on. An example being “and the new…… “. That kind of thing.

But what about if the big fights had a Michael Buffer type announcer as well.

“In the blue corner, the current heavyweight champion of the world…”. You get the idea.

Most top boxers have nicknames, it’s not even really a new thing. Be a nice addition. Editable for your own boxers. And perhaps randomised for the top computer controlled boxers. Not all of course.

Nicknames could be used in the Michael Buffer type pre fight announcements :sunglasses:

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This has been asked for since our first incarnation back in the last century. As ever I have to refer to @Rob_Morris who has been asking for it since then and we promise but never deliver it…

“Maybe” now we have edit names….:slight_smile:

We have a whole project of updating the whole fight screens. The rest of the game has developed a lot since we last touched this and it will be subject to many revisions once we have got the android version out in the world.

Ha Iv somehow missed that as couldn’t recall it being asked for. Ignore that then :joy:

All good. I would probably take off ‘fastest’ if there was more variety.

But I think a key thing is making bigger fights feel more special.


Been playing around with this.

Expect to see something “soon”

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“No jaw” Flores. Haha that’s brilliant.

I feel an option to quick sim fights, especially for those with larger databases would be a brilliant addition.

Haha nice. Love the idea of computer generated nicknames. See what comes out. Especially if it’s somehow triggered by certain stats.

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When you say larger db do you mean in terms of the number of stable fighters?

Ha! You give us more credit than we deserve. We were hoping people would add their own. :slight_smile:

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Yeah that was what I was referring to. Sorry I didn’t explain too well there

For your own boxers sure. But it would be nice if there was computer generated ones for selected computer boxers. Using key stats like power, chin, nation etc to come up with the name. Ones like Iron, Irish, Bomber, etc.

Hey what can I say, I like to change a simple idea into a complicated one :joy:

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I think they are taking piss out of us now. We give them good ideas now I.m expects us to sort names out.:wink: I wonder what his last slave died from? Haha.

Gets the popcorn ready……


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We will leave that there for the moment…