Crawford v Brook

Whilst we’ve our heads down researching and coding the next big update we’re inspired by what’s coming up in the real world of boxing over the coming month or so. Christ even Tyson v Jones jr might be watched…

What are thoughts here on this weekend’s big fight? Can’t see beyond Brook being game but limited in the context of beating Crawford.

I’m not sure. Whilst Crawford is obviously talented to be champ at 3 weights, he hasn’t really beaten any greats. I’m still undecided how good he actually is. Kell could pull off a shock.

That’s fair enough.
It’s weeks like this that we wish we had put it a little “what if” module for fights of this scale :slight_smile:

To put into context, Crawford ranked Ricky Burns as his best win. I think people pay too much notice to an unbeaten record. Not that I don’t think he is great, just I see people saying he is P4P no 1 and I just don’t think it stacks up. Having said that, if I put on a bet it will be for Crawford :joy:

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Instinct says Brook won’t quite have enough to win.