Create/Edit Fighter

Been asking since 2019 and prolly even longer than that. I need it lol


:joy: You really want that.

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You can create and edit a fighter in the new scenario:)

i think he means a general editor for all boxers in the game
for me now also the most important update that has to come promptly

We know what he means:)
But thanks:)

It’ll come when it’s time is most appropriate.

I really hope it comes soon. It could even be an add on that you pay a couple dollars for. I think it would give people more creativity and allow people to have more control on what they want to happen. I don’t think I’m the only one who wants this. But I’ve been patient this long lol. Back to praying to the boxing gods for this.

We don’t think you are the only person :slight_smile:
Let’s see how it pans out. We’ve done ok so far with what we’ve released :slight_smile:

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Hey Mike, I have a problem. I did the brother’s mode and it deleted all of my previous fighters from my older account. Originally I thought it was going to be a different scenario, I spent money my previous account and all of it was just home to waste. I had story lines and everything planned for my guys and replacing that with a mode which is practically the same you just have two fighters with the same last name, it isn’t necessary, I’d give my new game back from my old one.

But you have to start a new game to play the scenario. I’m confused why you thought your old fighters would be there as well.

On the plus side, it’s always fun starting a new game anyway :sunglasses: