Curious to ask…

Just curious to ask when your estimated finish date is for this game?
I think it’s developed really well over the past year. Is there a point at which you move on to Boxing Manager 2? Or declare this game finished?

We will have lots of news in coming months.

But the short and simple answer is that we don’t see the game as even close to being “finished”.
We often feel like we have barely started!!! We really have so much more planned!!!

So definitely not finished. As for Bm2 that was largely going to be the 4th title and all weight extension pack. Seemed a more interesting way to go about it this way. Such a hassle doing a “new” app. We currently like how the app is. So why change it?:slight_smile:

We might write a longer post on this in the near future. Appreciate the question :slight_smile:


Please do not go down the route of “Sports Title 2022” and so forth and so on

We understand that:)

We will do what guarantees earnings living doing this and making the best possible game we can :grinning:

I need to know how to apply the new pack with all the new belts and new fighter just restarted my last save where I had 5 bil to do it and can’t put it on