Cuts and mechanics question

Hi guys
First off great game really really enjoying playing and can’t wait for regional titles etc.

Next do cuts/broken hands etc in a match effect anything, does the rate the tko percent goes up, go up more if there is an open cut? Does punch power go down if a hand is injured?

Secondly, I’m learning, but I’m not a real coach (so sorry if this isn’t a thing) which of the game plans is a counter punching game plan? Again this may not be valid as my example is a MMA one when mcgregor knocked aldo out by effectively inviting a big punch parried it and hit back? That sort of thing?

Thank you for the great game and keep it up


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Thanks for posting. Regional titles are taking their time but we want to get it right rather than simply just do it.

On topic of cuts/injuries, yes there are of a number of effects that occur when events occur depending on the event and it’s severity. Thus in the example given a broken hand definitely affects punch power.

BM team

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Thank you for the reply and totally understand, more than happy to wait until they are ready

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