Defending The Ring title

How does it work? I’ve had so many champions who briefly hold it, but it almost never stays beyond a couple of defences and then seems to never come back. I have about 40 past champions with 2 ring defences.

I currently have a couple of Ring champions, but the contenders are all rated 20 or lower in the other rankings, so can’t possibly fight. While all of the top fighters in the division have no ring rating

I think I have a similar problem. I have the IBF number one ranked bantamweight contender but the top available “make fight” opponent is number 21. How do I Get a title fight or at least a rank closer to mine?
Thank you.

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That’s a bit different and could be caused by a few things. The Ring title works differently, but I can’t see the logic in its rankings

Look at the insane rankings of the fighters the Ring ranking has as top 5! These are the ones I have to fight against to defend The Ring titles. It’s impossible, but what’s the logic?

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I don’t think the ring mag defence has ever really worked right. Something that probably needs looked at after the big update.

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