Development this game have too much potential

I have some questions.
When is the next update I can’t wait?
Why y’all have a pile of old fights to sign?
Why y’all don’t add the forth title?
Why y’all don’t add tournaments?
Why is it so hard to find a great fighter?
Why is it hard to develop your fighters?
I spent hours trying find a great fighter and my gym is highly known on the global stage and when I do find one he losses to someone he can easily out box in my opinion the best way to find your fighters is to keep restarting your game in my opinion the whole corner game is irrelevant I don’t think the boxers manager have a say in the fighters corner but making sure your fighters have the best trainer and the best training camp is a priority boxing styles should be a thing nickname fighter brands every fighter is different every fights have their own boxing style so have one trainer training a lot of different fighters don’t add up developing your fighters if harder than a :face_with_hand_over_mouth: you can change your the training all you want the fighter won’t get better and the xp is kinda hard to come buy and you can’t save to better your fighter cuz it’s gonna leave by itself

So many questions :joy:. Can’t answer many of them. But regarding signing fighters, the game is very much focused on developing your own talent. Look at it like the rest of the fighters in the game all have contracts already. Eddie Hearn can’t just go out and sign Tyson Fury. Once you win a title you can sign boxers from your whole region. You can sign much better boxers at that stage.

Disagree with your point regarding training and developing fighters. I adjust my training plans all the time and it does improve the boxers. You can also use the stat points you get to improve them. They have to be decent in the first place though. You can’t train up a terrible boxer to be a great one. Like in any sports management game really.

Seen a couple of post in last few week about finding good fighters. I have played this game for months and I think there’s a good ratio of prospects coming through. Had a few rants about flyweights but it’s just me been unlucky by sounds of it. Always got a stable of champs though.
in this current game I went 130 weeks with 1 fighter. Then suddenly there was young fighters coming through all time.
I tend to put training on ring generalship and I think when they are young and not highly ranked they improve quite a bit. When they are established champs there x.p is really low but if there best in division and fighting people below them then I think it’s right.

Yeah it’s a topic that seems to come up quite often. I think some would like to be able to sign any boxer in the game, like you can in football manager. But boxing just isn’t like that.

It’s not something that has ever bothered me as I have always liked just developing my own boxers. But perhaps it’s something that could be loosened a bit in the ‘sandbox’ mode.

Also, I would change the name of the sandbox mode. As it’s not really sandbox at all. I would suggest the ‘casual mode’ :joy:. Just a fun little nod to that term boxing fans love to use lol.

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Casual mode is a much better name.
We are constantly amazed how many people play that option!
We will either change the name or slowly close it down as it’s hard for us to maintain it as currently is.

We are currently updating every week if not more frequently.
We assume you mean a big update… To that end not sure as we’re adding small tweaks and enhancements for a while.

Yeah it surprises me as well. Some clearly prefer a much easier game. But we are now in a world where many gamers have grown up with ‘pay to win’ so are used to an easier ride if they want it.

I’ve come to terms with rarely getting the same Calibre of fighter at the start of the game and having Regional belts allows for different success stories for less celebrated fighters.

It may be in the new update but I’ve sometimes wondered what my record is in how many champions I’ve had etc, as a simple table.

Similarly i think it’s on the works but the sorting of fighters would be such a relief

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When you say sorting, we assume on the main menu list of stable fighters…?