Don’t know if this is the record for fastest knockout. RIP

Hey all! I picked up this game with no prior knowledge of World Title Boxing Manager. I am addicted, and have spent the past few days tinkering with the start-up until I had a grasp of the idea and went deep into my world. Such a blast, and thanks for making a really fun game that is ad free!

I have a few questions I will ask when my 20 month old allows. In the meantime, this has to be the quickest loss.

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Welcome MalexMcBlat and thanks for posting in our community.
Glad you’re enjoying the game so far.

Now that’s a KO!
Something close to that hideous woman fight the other day with Senisia “Super Bad” Estrada nearly killing her opponent with one punch. If you haven;'t seen it, it wasn’t; good.

Anyway we hope Eric Reyes gathers his senses

Thanks again for the comments, Ad free games are where we’d rather be.

Feel free to share your thoughts, we care passionately about making the best ever boxing game.

First off, thanks for the reply! Always awesome when devs take the time to respond! Secondly, I had not seen the highlights (or should I say, 1 highlight) of the Estrada knockout. Unreal.

You may be happy to know Reyes won his next fight with a knockout to make up for the previous bout. Is it possible for a boxer to retire at a younger age due to bad losses/due to injury?

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Retirements happen on loss whether by succession of results or injury.