Early Access alpha

We’re advancing our next update and introducing a new app for early access to major features we’ve developed over the last year. These will eventually integrate into the main Boxing Manager app.

How to Get Involved:

Points to Note:

  • Some previous beta testers will automatically join new groups.
  • If you miss out on an invite but expected one, contact us directly.
  • Early access is for proactive testers keen on shaping the game. If that’s you, reach out.
  • For those who wait, more release plans are coming soon.

Thank you for your continued support. This should be cool. :slight_smile:

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If It says Build in the bottom left am I on the test server?

You will know when you get an invite.
Plus it’s a big difference . Ie you’ll know :wink:

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Assume this is the BM Early Access? If so mine has been removed man. Could I be re-added please man?

I emailed off a few days back what’s the waiting time for the invites if successful?

Invites and out and game is in test.

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Damn I didn’t get one gutted

When will we get get this next big update??