Early access testing

On the early alpha access my gym costs is skyrocketing every week and i can’t make any money even though im making a profit on the shows. Anyone else experiencing this. Any ways to fix it?

I recommend don’t throwing all your fighters on the same shows, the minute someone can sell out tickets let’s then host their own shows, even if it’s just them and a smaller fighter.

I couldn’t make money at first but then after getting 3/4 people who could sell 100-500 tickets, was easy money

Ok, I will try that. How many fights on a card do you think is good.

The minute you can get any of them that can sell it out alone then just have them and maybe one other that does under 10 tickets.

The more solo cards you can do at the start the easier it is to make money. Only once you do Main Event shows instead of showcase shows you may need to start adding more fights

I started to do that and have been making a profit however my funds are going down.

By chance did you hire the most expense coach? I think the early finance structure only works if you select auto hire coach and stick with him until you start making profit. I tried a play though where I sacked mine and went with the most expensive one and went bust.

Like the current game as well though, you simply need good boxers to start with. You need that box office stat to get high.

I got it I just had to be a little patient. Thank you tho.


Does anyone know how to drop a belt? Been looking for ages and can’t figure it out.

I think it’s a bug mate. When you can select a fight it appears on the left hand side. But you need to be able to select a fight for it to appear. So as far as I’m aware you can’t drop belts if there is no fight available. Iv raised it on the test flight app.