Early Testing Review

Overall Rating 8.5/10

The whole revamp of the game is great, really enjoying it. Gonna post some things below of what the new game feels like so far.

  • Fight Cards: Great addition, so much realism with this now. However I’ve noticed you can’t change your ticket prices, name your own events, or choose a marketing type and Broadcasting service, would be nice to have these options. For title fights, it doesn’t say if there’s a belt on the line either during the bout.

  • Make a fight: Really preferred the old way of making a fight especially when searching for an opponent. It’s very confusing who’s ranked where at the minute, I was offered a title fight and only just noticed it as he was 2nd from bottom on a very long list. Old system was much much clearer and easier to navigate through. Struggling with this at the minute, feel like it’s added alot more unnecessary time to making fights

  • Rankings: Brilliant new concept. Forcing you to really make your way through the regional scene and then eventually getting them rankings with the orgs is much more realistic than having to go through #500 #400 etc.

  • Gyms: Everytime I’ve made a new gym so far, I can no longer sign fighters for the old gym.

  • Fight Camp: Much preferred the fight camp menu coming up once a bout was booked opposed to having to then go into the gym and do it.

  • Followers/Box Office: Love the idea, only issue with it at the minute is I had a Gold medal Olympian come through with 20 box office but 0 followers. Maybe have a set amount of followers depending on amateur success as well as the box office rating

  • Amateur record: Doesn’t show anywhere once an amateur turns pro, I enjoyed checking certain pros amateur medals and records.

  • Champions and Contenders: A lot of the AI Champions are having 5/6/7 fights with the same contender spanning over 3/4 year periods tieing all the belts up in most divisions.

Things I would like to see or change:

  1. Return of the old make a fight system.

  2. Custom ticket prices and a lot more variety to locations based on follower count. At the minute they only get their hometown or the location of the company HQ. 100,000-300,000 followers should unlock the ability to main event all over their home country etc, 500,000, ability to main event abroad.

  3. Receive fight offers from the A.I companies. Sometimes I’ve had fighters that have had to host a show by themselves because the rest of the roster is tied up at a Wembley stadium event for 14 week camps.

  4. Option to choose which Regional belts are associated with which org, I.E, I always change the name of the European belt to “IBF European Champion” because it’s associated with the IBF.

  5. Silver titles to hold a number 1 spot. So many times, even on the old game I would stay number 1 with a org and try to wait for my shot but then end up dropping 6 places which is a pain especially for the WBC, even if it is just WBC and WBA Silver belts so you don’t just drop down.

  6. Choosing a commission for the event. When booking an event, choose a commission to oversee it like WBC, gaining more ranking for the org of choice.

  7. History of events. Just a history of all your events added to the hall of fame, along with other A.I events.

Main thing at the minute for me is honestly just the Make a Fight system, all the other points are just a matter of preference.

One last point is that every time the application closes suddenly, the whole current save is wipe and the only option is to start fresh which is pretty annoying, I’m assuming that’s because this is just a tester.

I will add more to this post as I keep going, great job overall though! Can see the hard work has truly been put in, fantastic new concept

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