Editor boxing manager

do you guys have idea when the editor comes out? also would it be able to come to testflight earlier or at all?

No idea at the moment and probably! :wink:

Regional titles and some other stuff first…

Let’s see what the feedback is.

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Editor sounds interesting. But it would take quite a bit of time and effort to type in all the real names of boxers…assuming that’s what people would want to do with it.

Yes it will be a lot of effort for players and largely pointless from the perspective of players adding their own huge databases :slight_smile:
It’s more customisations and stuff.

On the other hand we will be offering real fighter and fight data as well as the editor. :grinning:

Regional titles first though and maybe some other stuff to announce first.

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Editor sounds amazing. I’m one of those sad f***** that would totally sit and create an 80s database.

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Likewise. :grinning:

Which luckily for you MIGHT mean you don’t have to…

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Editor would be great. I think you want to keep it in the sandbox though so you dont have people abusing it.

I would also like to see the ability to have multiple saved games; at least be able to have a sandbox game and a regular game you can play at the same time.


Multiple saved games something we’re also keen to introduce together with iCloud saves. At moment we’re just head down on big changes to titles and rankings as well as some new platform stuff…