England v Scotland

Not boxing related at all. But we have a fair amount of Scots and English on here. So I would just like to say Cmon the Scotland, get right in about them :grin:🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

And may the best team win (I’m going to get suitably drunk so the result doesn’t matter :wink:)

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Can’t wait for game. Been getting abuse from my cousins in Glasgow. Going to be close game but I can only see 1 winner. If Foden starts he will do some damage. Am Liverpool fan and andy Robertson didn’t have a clue how to stop him. Let’s hope it’s a good game for all our sakes.
I like what tartan army did to fountain in London. :joy::joy:


Aye I think you will hump us in fairness. Ah well, least we have the best boxer and tennis player in the uk :joy:

:joy::joy: you can’t be getting greedy can you.
I honestly think it’s 50/50 today mate. It’s a derby so owt can happen. I would say good look but I hope we smash you. :joy:

Ach your being kind cause your a good Cnut :joy:. No way it’s 50/50. But enjoy mate :sunglasses:. Iv been bevying since 5 so getting there.

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I just can’t believe its 25 years since the last one! That’s mental.

I honestly think it’s going to be a very close game.
Just hope Southgate let’s us go for it and make it like a prem game. Can’t see it but would be entertaining. Going to stop talking to you now cos I imagine if you win you will be unbearable. :joy:
I.m you have made me feel like an old man. I remember that game like it was yesterday not 25 years ago. :joy:

You are not alone in feeling like that…

Got to age where I remember what I did 10 years ago but ask me what I did yesterday and I couldn’t tell you. Foden starts so we have got this in bag. :joy::joy:

I didn’t realize it was 25 years. That is a strange fact. It was such an iconic game, with so many memorable moments - maybe it doesn’t disappear into memory like a lot of other games. But 25 years is a big chunk or our relatively short lives on earth. Hope I don’t have to wait another 25 years for this fixture.

Time really flies by.

25 years is a crazy amount of time to have passed since one game.

Well that was a shock. Head is in tatters today. Worth it though :sunglasses:

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