Enhancement for training

Is it possible to create logic that every fighter by default will have a moderate training plan of +20 for every boxer. I am usually good about setting up a training plan but sometimes I forget, especially if I get a boxer under contract who is hurt. The default is zero training plan for any boxer you sign for the first time. I do like it when you lose a boxer and resign him at a later date, his training plan is still the same. I know it is ultimately the managers (my) responsibility to ensure each boxer has a training plan but it would be nice to have that default setting so you don’t get in a situation where you sign an injured boxer and can’t setup a training plan and then once he is no longer injured you are with a zero training plan.

Yeah we have been thinking balanced by default makes sense.

Thanks so much. Also, appreciate the two updates this past week as they are definitely helping

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They have mitigated a lot of the niggly stuff that’s inevitable almost when launching.

Hopefully we’ll get the last few ironed out over the coming weeks whilst we’re in our planning phase for the next feature drop.