Entering the lobby by accident

Right this is a weird one. And it may totally just be me that does this…

But, I find the location of the ‘Lobby’ button a bit annoying. It’s at the same place on the screen that you press ‘next’ on the news stories or ‘Leave Fight’. I often find myself pressing the screen once too many and ending up in the lobby. Especially since the introduction of the new news story function.

Just a suggestion, but make the boxing manager logo at the top a button that takes you into the lobby.

Or just totally ignore this as I’m the only one that does it :joy::joy:

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I do this all the time!

Ha glad to know it’s not just me.

Only problem I have is since update, when news comes up the read button is on bottom left. I keep pressing b m logo like a nob and wondering why nowts happening.

Yep we do this a lot.

We are looking at solving this one as very annoying.

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Hi, it disables (as it does on some of the fight screens) in the new News. This is because we are going to use this screen to force some user choices/decisions in coming releases. The news update is really just a big enabler for many of the new features we have planned. Every change we makle (bar the odd surprise) is incremental.

Ha good to hear this. Must admit I felt a bit of a fanny for posting this one. But yeah the little things eh :grin:

Good to know I’m not the only one haha, wonder if by moving the lobby button to underneath where it says your Name and stats/ money. Might be. a better location for iPads anyways, not sure for mobile devices

We have fixed this for next update.

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