Estimated Win %

I think the estimated win % makes the game too easy.

My suggestion is that this is either (1) removed completely, or (2) different estimations are given by different media organizations, promoters or characters in the game. The player can then see different estimations (this would need to include lots of bias and subjectivity). (3) Alternatively it could be an estimation from the trainer - the accuracy could be based on their experience and attributes (this also risks making it too easy). (4) Or maybe it could be replaced with a fan poll result - reflecting the support the boxer has or public desire for the fighter to lose.

As it currently stands, the estimation provided doesn’t always predict the result - but I have found it is a good guide generally and makes the game too easy. I’d also say it is currently ambiguous how it is calculated or whose estimation it is.

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Actually something I have given some thought to as well. It’s seems to be calculated mostly on ring generalship. One of those things we don’t need to know really.

But yeah I would have no issue if it was removed. I tend to go more on the boxers stats anyway.

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Yes. I’d remove it.
‘Bookies favorite’ or ‘media prediction’ might be better.

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This is a great thread/topic…!

Taking of odds, I think I have only ever used the betting function once. Seems a bit out of place for me. Interested if others don’t go near it.

I never use it , it doesn’t interest me at all lol

I like it. I think it adds value to the game.

We love betting. :slight_smile:
And our background is in making odds.
So we “had” to do it…
About 20% of players use the betting feature.

Back to the Estimated Win% and we think this will be removed but once we have made the flow of searching through opponents better. Too much clicking about to find out about the opponent. We are looking closely at solving that but removing the Est Win and allowing managers to do the work themselves would be better gameplay.
One way we may look to reintroduce is to employ a Matchmaker and that would be one component of that additional character/feature.

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A quick straw poll

  • Keep the Estimated Win %
  • Get rid of the Win% it makes the game too easy

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I can confirm that the estimated win percentage pretty much only takes in consideration the comparison of each boxers ring generalship. The betting odds gives a better comparison of which fighter is truly more powerful.

Can we assume that ring generalship is the most important attribute because it takes 3 potential points to move up 1 level? You see Power, accuracy, defense, stamina and chin take 2 potential points. The rest take 1 potential point.

What is everybody’s strategy for spending potential? I typically like to sign fighters that are 21-26 years of age and ring generalships already at 16 or higher. I typically like power a minimum of 15. For all the other attributes, I like to see 10 or higher. Personally, I see that Ring Generalship is most important followed by punch power. The next tier to me are the remaining offensive attributes. Next, overall defense is most important for me followed by the remaining attributes. The attributes in the second column starting with cut tendency through fitness are less important. I have found that as the boxers get experience, their stamina, fitness and conditioning takes care of itself. I probably consider dirty ness the most important of the attributes in the second column, I typically do not spend any potential points on the second column except for dirty ness and If I have some extra potential, Cut Tendancy, I also don’t jack around with the training plans. I keep them All at the default.

What I am trying to figure out is Ring Generalship so important that you want to spend 3 potential points to raise 1 level. I am not sure yet but I do tend to max up on ring generalship first and then follow it with Punch Power. Not sure how other folks are approaching spending potential points.

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Whilst we will leave people guessing on much of the fight engine. We do confirm that the estimated win figure is a very approx figure that solely uses Ring Generalship. Hence its inherent inaccuracy;)

I also aim for ring generalship to be high but then I tend to look at takes punishment,chin and getting off the floor . This seems to work well as if your boxer can take a few shots , he will more than likely get a job win as the majority of fights end in ko or tko . I would like to see more decisions in the game as in real life so you could have a mayweather style fighter who uses more boxing than ko .

The first stats I look for when signing a rookie is Ring Generalship and Chin. I look at the potential to get all stats to at least 15. But you can get beaten easily in the early fights without the above 2.