Eubank Jnr. Vs. Williams

Any thoughts on the outcome of this fight?
After watching ‘The Gloves are Off’ (on Sky), and their last few fights, I am intrigued about what will happen. I think Eubank might have too much for Williams. I think he has improved quite a lot with Roy Jones Jr. I predict Eubank will stop Williams in the 9th or 10th.
Anyone think Williams will win this one?

Had forgotten this one was on!!! Must get the Sky subscription sorted again.

Saw a few clips from the Gloves off thing. Certainly whetted our appetites. Certainly need to watch a good tear up.

Collective view here is for Eubank. However, looks a good one.

I think eubank will win by stoppage late on. Should be a good fight, they seem fired up to have a brawl.
Am looking forward to brook kahn fight too. Think that will be a good fight.

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I kind of thought Williams looked a bit off on the Gloves are Off show. Didn’t seem that confident. Eubank by points for me (though I hope I’m wrong as don’t really like him)

Eubank decision. Williams a tough cat. If you like making boxing predictions check out "you dont know about boxing"

Looking forward to this tonight.
Feels like ages since some decent boxing and we have some even tastier to follow in the coming month.

Weird fight. Eubank dancing around like Roy Jones Jr. Williams getting knocked down with jabs. Just weird. Still don’t really know what to make of it!

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Complete curate’s egg of a fight. The knockdowns were weird (boy definitely can’t take a punch/Chin <5) as was Eubank’s lack of desire to finish the guy.

Still it has to be said that it was miles better than the turgid two fights before it.

We’ve said it before but the quality of these fights is just piss poor.

The lack of finishing power terminally dull and at best it’s amateur fare. Two of those before the main event is just poor value for money and a total buzz killer in terms of building excitement in the bill. It spoke volumes that at the the end that they ended their ringside chat with an argument about jewellery… Awful boxing and awful for boxing… :wink:

Yeah you would expect the self proclaimed GWOAT to be able to put away sub standard opposition. I’m always careful about commenting on woman’s boxing as people take offence so easily now. Just not got much interest as the standard is never really there with any fights I see.

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They need to make woman’s boxing 3 min rounds. We might at least see a knockout.

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Could work. Or it could just mean longer fights with no knockouts :joy:

Imagine that. 3 min rounds and it changed nothing. Haha. 2 min rounds can be a hard watch. Haha.

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I’m sure they use different sized gloves as well. Anyway, I hope Marshall beats that Shields as can’t stand that arrogance. (Unless it’s a boxer I like, in which case arrogance is great. Boxing fans are fickle as f :joy:)

She comes across as a right :bell: end. Always banging on about how she knocks out men sparring? Then in a fight with a static woman who doesn’t throw a punch back she struggles??

Aye she does that. Loads of race baiting as well on social media. But hey, we are talking about her eh. Method in the madness.

Yep, pillows for gloves and two minute rounds kills %age chance of stoppage/ko (if you simulate it for mens boxing it also massively reduces stoppages/ko (not as much but it inevitably does))…

If men’s boxing had same rules would be almost as stupefying. :slight_smile: