Eubank Jr v Benn

Any thoughts or predictions for this?

It’s a pretty huge fight for a chunk of the UK at a certain age. The original Eubank v Benn fights were huge in their day, a proper rivalry with 2 warriors. These guys are the reason many got into boxing.

Re this one, I can’t see past Eubank personally. He absolutely played with a big puncher in Williams in his last fight. And has been in with way better boxers than Benn has. Too soon and wrong weight for Benn.

Though Hearn is normally very shrewd, so he may see something we haven’t seen yet…

Anyone that hasn’t seen the fights with their dads, get all over that on youtube.

More of name-value fight than actual substance. A poor excuse for a main event in my opinion. I’d also pick Eubank, as Benn is plainly too small and too inexperienced to beat him I’d bet.

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Honestly looking forward to Xu Can’s ring return more so than I am this fight

I think Eubank is in for a massive shock. Me and my mates were talking about this fight other day. The position he is in now he should be fighting for world titles not fighting someone 2 weight classes below. If eubank wins, no one’s going to be impressed. If he loses he will look like a mug. If benn wins, it looks good on his record. If he loses it won’t effect his career and will still progress nicely in his weightclass.
I liked benn from first time I saw him (massive fan of Nigel when I was I kid). Benns got the nasty streak about him and loves to drag opponent into a scrap. Quick, in your face and has power. If Eubanks not trained properly then he will be gassed after 4-5 rounds. Benn putting on weight shouldn’t effect him as much as Eubank losing weight.
I might even put £10 on benn to win stoppage in last 3 rounds. Watch Eubank knock him out in 2nd round now I have said this. Haha.

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Benn looks good but he really hasn’t fought anyone. This is a massive step up. I’m not a fan of Eubank Jr at all but thought he was very impressive v Williams. Can’t see anything other than a Eubank win.

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So Benn has failed VADA testing but passed the UK dopping tests. Not saying that’s dodgy, but boxing sure is corrupt as f :joy:

What a cheater. I get that probably 99% of athletes are probably on something, but come on. At least hide it lol

Apparently this drug is used after steroid cycles. So looks dodgy as hell.

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Tarnished the Benn family legacy. What a shame

Definitely putting money on benn to win if he’s been on roids. Haha.
Let’s wait to hear as excuse before labelling him a cheat. It could be sumat innocent like dodgy meat like Canelo had. Haha.
Seriously though, I think bans in sports like boxing and mma should be long or for life. Cheating at tennis or swimming has very different outcomes to cheating in combat sports. For me it’s no different to putting plaster on there wraps.

You wonder how many are at it eh. Bet it’s a fair amount.

Matchroom really having a bit of a mare lately. Hearn is looking very stressed at the moment!

Should not go ahead. Should be cancelled.
Simple as that.
Money isn’t more important.


100% right in that. No need to let Eubank get hit by roided up shots for no real benefit. This fight can be rescheduled. DAZN should refund or give future credit to those who already bought the PPV tho.

Well said. But what an absolute disaster for the sport.
Sports pages in the Times are on verge of running a campaign to ban the sport… Can’t see it officially happening but their sports editor gets very self-righteously hot under the collar about the sport.

I think long before it’s banned, there are other things that would probably happen - such as compulsory headwear (as in amateurs). But I can’t even see that happening - the consequences for other combat sports would be a deterrent to change anything I suspect.

Boxing does itself no favors. It appears disastrously disorganized. Promotors and others chasing money don’t do the image of the sport much good either, in my opinion. Sadly, I think when any sport becomes financially lucrative - we see the evils of survival, greed and selfishness at work. The business of sport isn’t very good at providing the ‘sport’ part to the fans/customers who buy into the ‘sport’ part.

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