Eubank v Smith this weekend

Always been since “back in the day” a Eubank supporter (father is boxing legend in our eyes) and again hope his son wins at weekend.

Not sure he does though…

  • Eubank wins
  • Smith wins
  • The draw

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Interesting interview here.

Been impressed with Eubank last cpl of fights. He is definitely improved. Must say I’m right looking forward to this one.

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Am still not convinced by Eubank jr.
I aren’t going to slag him off completely because he definitely has boxing skills and you can’t say anything about His chin because you he can take a punch. But sometimes i find him frustrating to watch. He tries to be elusive and does his dads posing and I am screaming at tv for him to let his hands go.
I hope he honestly doesn’t believe this “ beating smith on 50%” because he will be in for a shock. Smiths no push over.

Nah the 50% thing is all mind games eh. Smith is a tough fight for anyone.

To be honest I think I used to not rate Eubank cause I didn’t like him. His dismantling of Williams was very impressive though.

Will be rooting for Smith, but just think Eubank will be too good.

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Interesting fight for no other reason than to see if Eubank Jr is who they market him as. Hoping for fireworks!

You have hit nail on the head there pal. If I am honest if he beats smith I will probably say… well it’s not smiths weight class.
Then if he beats ggg I would say ggg is past his best and time for him to retire. Haha.
Love him or hate him one thing you can’t argue with is he can sell a fight. I think I have watched everyone of his fights and am not a fan. Sadly sat could be 1st one I miss. Got an operation on Fri and I could end up in hospital for weekend. Fingers crossed am out of hospital on sat.
What’s everyone’s thoughts on riakphorne?

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My moneys on smith but could go either way

I like smith… but eubank decision

Eubank Jr is not his father. Nice KO to close out the night.

Is it me, or did Joseph Parker regress seemingly overnight? Did the Chisora/Joyce wars take that much out of him?

Not seen any of boxing from last night yet. So can’t really comment on Parker last night but just had a quick look at his fight history. In last 11 fights he’s done over 10 rounds with Hughy fury, Andy Ruiz jr, Joshua, whyte, chisora twice and joe Joyce. That’s a lot of rounds with some decent/world class heavyweights.
I was under anaesthetics yesterday and night in hospital. Everything’s a bit of a blur. I remembered this morning I put £50 on smith to beat Eubank. Checked today and I had put bet on smith to win by stoppage. Nice £450 bonus. Haha.

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Wow nice bet that man. Great finish by Beefy. Eubank didn’t seem to even know where he was.

I wish I could say it was educated bet but it was a complete accident. Haha. I have seen the finish but need to watch full fight. From the very little I have seen am surprised ref let Eubanks carry on after he got dropped. He didn’t look ready to carry on. Like I said not seen full fight yet so it’s hard to judge from 30 sec highlights I have seen.

I had Eubank 3-0 up. He seemed to be in control with his long jab. Beefy was always looking to get inside and make it rough though. Good fight while it lasted.

Nice win Tony!

Can’t begrudge Smith that win one bit. Good work all round. Enjoyable nights action and a good show.

If you’re a gambling man just got a decent odds on Man U arsenal. Bit risky but 8-1 on Man U winning by 2+ goals.

I spent my life before this in sports betting so very much a gambling man:)

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Worked on champ manager, sports betting and didn’t you do something Emmanuel steward? You are turning into my idol. Stevie g, prince naz and iron Mike. :joy:


All of those things were very cool and got the game to where it is now:)