Explanation please

One of the worst ones yet. Luckily a final round stoppage but them cards are a disgrace

I don’t really see the issue. Right man was winning though it was closer than it should have been.

Dodgy results are so common irl. To the extent they happen almost every week. And to be fair they are pretty rare in the game. I think the fact they happen on the odd occasion is great. Very realistic.


One man had me losing when I’ve landed more, done more damage, more power shots, most round control?

Maybe I’m being way too picky, I just feel like there’s been some very Dubious judging lately

Yeah you get them from time to time. I’m pretty sure it’s by design though. Never really bothers me to be honest. I would find it boring if all decisions went the way of the boxer who lands most punches. I especially like dodgy split decisions. Really brings some realism for me. Like I say, they are rare enough that I don’t really think it’s an issue.

Oh for sure I don’t mind the odd result it’s very realistic that way, it’s just been happening a lot at the minute that’s all wasnt sure if something was bugging out

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The amount of times my fights have gone to a decision that read 116-10, 113-14 and 116-10 or similar. Big relief when it comes through haha.
Gives more of an incentive to get the finish as real world judges are just as if not more unpredictable lol

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The real issue with the scoring are the crazy amount of random 10-8 rounds with no knockdowns or losing rounds despite getting a knockdown.

Good amount of the scores I’ve seen don’t even make sense if you were to go line by line each round and score lol.


Yeah, that’s one thing I’m not a fan of is the random 10-8s. I think if it’s a dominating round they tend to give 10-8 a lot.

There are no random 10-8s! All are earned. Close rounds are where it can get sketchy and what the definition of that is in each individual judge’s technique".

We are getting closer to the day when we start introducing the consistent names/characters for some game characters. I really think Judges should be first. Great to call out the bad ones and then try to map who they are in real life :wink:


Judges with specific likes / dislikes will be great. Brutal when you get the games version of Terry O’Connor for your title fight!

Even more horrifying.
Taking that massive prospect through to the big title fight only to see the name Mr S Gray (England) on the judges list.


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