Fantasy fights?

It sounds crazy but can you imagine if you risked your fighter say your best 35-0 guy to someone in a completely different game world - such as the guy first in the leaderboards risking his best fighter against the second best in the leaderboards best fighter. Rewards should definitely be HUGE


This topic will be coming up in a poll soon. :slight_smile: We are big fans of something along these lines. However, want to get it right. For those who remember when FM tried something similar years ago its a salient lesson in how even the coolest things can go wrong.

But something like this, done well, will be cool. We have some big things coming out/up later this year about which more soon enough… : )

I would love it if we could put fights on against each other. I know whenever I see a post about someone’s best champ I always think my best boxer would beat him. :joy::joy: