Feature Request Voting

Following on from the another thread we have added Voting capability to the Feature Request category.

This will enable all players to both send in feature requests but also have a number of votes to distribute among the various requests.

This is a trial feature. Let’s see how it goes.

As ever we keep the instructions to a minimum but for moment we will moderate all topics so that we can control duplications etc and get it up and running efficiently.

To make a topic for voting make a new topic as usual and change the category to Feature Requests. Follow the instructions in the topic from there. :slight_smile:



Hello , I have a couple of suggestions that could potential improve your game not massively but the little things that may satisfy long playing players.

If your fighter has had multiple bouts with the same fighter I think there should be some hype round it , like say with the Wilder v Fury trilogy ad how that gets written out like ‘Wilder v Fury II’ just little things like.

I also feel there should be a way to look at a fighters bio and be able to tell if they’ve previously fought for your gym


That’s a good one. Good point.

If you want to add this to our voting system. You can make a new post describing the request and then add it to the Feature Request category. It’s very simple./

Thanks for posting.