Female Fighters?

Just an idea for future, could we look at the possibility of having female fighters? Could make things a little more interesting.

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I would hope if this is something that’s added it’s as an option only. As I’m sure I’m not alone in not having much interest in woman’s boxing.

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Us neither.

If players want it in sufficient numbers we may add it as an extra.

“Good” women’s fight tonight though! Taylor v Jonas… Please let’s have a stoppage of some form though:)

Glad to hear that mate. Nothing against it. But it kind of shows its popularity in Taylor’s undisputed fight being on the undercard before Chisora.

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I get where you are coming from, but I do feel that the women’s side is getting bigger and more popular.

Oh definitely getting bigger. But it’s a fact that most people i know that are into boxing don’t have much interest in it. If it was forced upon you on the game it would probably put me off it.

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I don’t want female boxers in game. But I must admit In last 12 months I have seen more exciting female fights than men. Still can’t get my head around 2 min rounds though? Put it up to 3 mins and get more stoppages.

Until its less of a two minute pillow fight than currently appears the case we will not be doing much with it.
Very poor fare and glorified amateur vibe has zero appeal to us….

There are a few noticed exceptions. No one can doubt the talent of the likes of Katie Taylor and Clarissa Shields.

But Courtney v Bridges was a world title fight! Let that sink in.

But hey, I have watched Scotland’s woman play football plenty times. But that doesn’t mean I want to play with them on FM or FIFA :joy:

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There are a few and the skills of Taylor can’t be denied.

However, to us there seems so little peril or threat that it’s simply just drifts (thankfully quickly) towards points. And how that fight was scored close last night is another question entirely…:slight_smile:

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