Few new potential game ideas

A new concept for fight camp and a way to improve your fighters vs Boxer, Counter, brawler etc.

So you have just booked a fight vs a Brawler, you are on 10/20 vs Brawlers, major disadvantage. Introducing sparring during a fight camp.

So you have accepted terms you are now taken to the fight camp page where you can adjust your stats and percentages for this 10 week camp. NEW OPTION - Select Sparring Partner.

With select sparring partner you will have the option to, just like when you adjust stats certain attribute turn green for the fight camp, you have selected a Brawler in your camp who will help out.
Depending on the quality of the sparring partner will depend on how big your temporary boost for this fight will be.

As an option to the gym, have the ability to add sparring partners aswell as trainers. Of course the better your gym, the better sparring you can sign. Add a bit of realism, if a sparring partner has just been used, maybe give him a 5 week break at the end of camp so he can not be constantly used so you will have to pick who gets the better sparring partner carefully if you have a couple of fights around the same time.

Another option also would be if this would be too difficult, add an attribute to trainers below their developing youth stat saying in brackets (+3 vs Brawlers) ( +2 vs Boxers ) etc.

Also I’ve seen people talk about they would love fighters to be able to fight each other from the same gym. I understand you can fight other gyms but maybe as a special option ONLY if both fighters in the same gym are champions? Amount of times, and I know I’m not the only one I’ve got two superstars in the same gym I guide them both to undefeated world champion and then they just can’t fight!

Fight Cards. I’m not sure if anyone else does this but if I have say 6+ fighters fighting on the same night I will pretend it’s the same fight card and do them in order of what the run of the show would be, main event being last! Instead of booking individual fights all the time it would save a lot of effort and time if we could have the option to create fight cards!

To go back and view historic events would be amazing! Maybe add a couple of stats like attendance and location, maybe it wouldn’t have to be too detailed it could just be the country as location then depending on when you are creating the event you could just pick a option of Small Hall show, arena, stadium etc but the main event of the card would need to have a certain amount of stars to be able to have better venues.

At the minute all time fight purses isn’t really appealing and doesn’t always show the magnitude of a fight, you can literally just have one guy getting 50m and his opponent 300k yet they rank number 1. All time promotion purses could be changed to all time promotional events which will be named based on the main event or maybe an option to name it yourself when creating.

Two power options. Punching Power and One Punch Power. The ability to just shut the lights off. Punching power being based on somebody like GGG where it isn’t really one punch concussive power but every shot is just thudding. One punch power being a Deontay Wilder type. I feel like 90% of the fighters in game have 19-20 punch power which isn’t really realistic.

Punch Power could combine with Punch accuracy to combat a fighters Punch Resistance and One punch power to combat a fighters chin

Body Punching as an attribute. I would love to know if my fighter is a brilliant body puncher or not as I do like to use go to body quite a bit not really knowing if it’s going to be successful.

Specialty. Each fighter is allowed one specialty. To squire a specialty the fighter must obtain 20/20 in that certain skill. Of course most end up with multiple so you will have to choose wisely which one you would place on the fighter as once it’s chosen it can’t be revoked.

20 generalship could be - ‘sweet science’ - a boost in their natural boxing ability maybe swaying the judges to give them more close rounds
20 chin could be - ‘iron chin’ - a very slim chance this fighter will be knocked out with a single punch
20 resistance - ‘Human punch bag’ - the ability to absorb more punishment than the average fighter
20 punch power - ‘Knockout artist’ - higher percentage of landing one punch KOs

I think you get the point on that one.

Also when searching for an opponent to fight please add a sort by option for undefeated like the rankings or just like when signing a fighter you have a filter maybe if we could put something like 20 wins etc.

I have alot of ideas unsure of what’s achievable within the game but if someone could direct me to where I could post them in future that would be great thanks guys

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Sensationally good post. Thanks @Dagnaldinho
Have you been over to the #boxing-manager:player-feature-requests area of this forum?
We have lots of ideas over there and there’s some cool new ones to add to it.

Players can then vote on them and as you’ll see those that reach the top are those most likely to be built first (assuming that it’s practical and we can actually do it).

Fight cards we agree will be fantastic.

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Thanks for the reply I had a feeling there might be a certain section to post ideas and stuff so thanks for linking me! Keep up the good work man honestly, I’ve been a silent observer for years on here and thought it’s finally time to make an account and get to know you guys!

It’s great to hear from you at last. :slight_smile: Great and absolutely spot on comments.

Given how small we are as a team and how much the game has grown in the last year we inevitably have to split our time between spending time here talking to players and responding to the altogether more needy world of the Discord server. :slight_smile:

We think you’ll really like what we are going to release next… Hopefully.

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