Fight date glitch

Game will not continue. As you can see the next card is 5 weeks away, however the only option I have is click go to show. When I click go to show it then comes up with the first prelim fight.

Whether I choose to sim or watch it just keeps repeating.

Last thing i did before this glitched was sign my first USA amateur, not sure if that information helps.

Update to this issue:

  • So turns out I had a amateur who turned pro(first one I’ve had turn pro about to make debut) glitched and was stuck on fight now so I went to the options and removed the fight, the game continued as usual but the guys I spammed previously auto fight auto fight auto fight now have a record of 200+ fights and are off my roster.

  • The game continued, I rescheduled Nigel Benn to fight again to make his debut on another card and now it’s glitched again.

Seems like it’s to do with the amateur update and turning pro.

Update again:

  • I released Nigel Benn and signed him back, he lost all his exp but he is now able to fight with no issues

this bug should be fixed let me know if your still having the same issue