Fight Income for lighter fighters

I appreciate that on the whole Heavyweights bring in the big money. However, sometimes a lighter fighter can offer the same finanical reward e.g Mayweather, however I’ve never been able to get a lightweight for example to bring in the 80m+ like Heavyweights can, regardless of their success and record.

Mayweather got the bigger ppv’s when he moved up to the Welterweight and Middleweight categories (including Super etc). Which is surely in line with the game. There are no lightweight bouts even in the top 10 PFP lists.

In my game the 4th highest gate is a middleweight bout, behind 4 big undisputed heavyweight fights. I think that seems about right.

I used lightweight as an example, I essentially meant anyweight other than heavyweight.

All of my top bouts are Heavyweight, from a range of fighters.

I’m sure the Canelo fight brought in more than the Parker vs Chisora, so the stand out fighters at any weight should be able to financially match the heavyweight bouts. The top 4 fights of all time financially are Mayweather fights I think.

I made a mistake, my man is 5th. But as you can see, he is competing with the heavyweights.

And your comparing the best PFP with Chisora :flushed:. We are in an era where Heavyweights popularity plummeted. Probably due to the lack of an American superstar. If Mike Tyson was around today he would destroy the rest with crowds. But hey, just how I see it.

No, I’m not comparing them in turns of real life abitiy, but I’m saying in this game the chisora fight would probably have created a similar if not higher gate which is why it might not be accurate.

Anyway, not a big deal, just a thought.

I’m not sure it would. As you can see, there has only been 4 heavyweight fights better than my middleweights. All the fights above him are undisputed. Non title heavyweights don’t even come close to his gates.

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I will add that this guy is an absolute superstar. Almost all his title fights have been undisputed. He is perhaps the Mayweather of my game. But he is an example that non Heavyweights can be as big as the Heavyweights. (I’m on the Beta by the way. Not sure if you are. Perhaps gates has been adjusted)

Gates have been the same since day 1!

We would just say this.

In the real world we have one instance of 120 years or so of boxing history. We believe that if you play the game world for about that the history of the game and the fighters (across weights) will create instances and fighters in some way comparable or similar to how it has been at some point in the previous 12 decades.

Does that make sense?

In short all of these things that we see in “real life” boxing can at some point be compared to a game world but to expect direct comparison at a particular point of time rather than over the spread of many many games years is like expecting another Stanley Ketchel to appear and then call bullshit because his doppelgänger hasn’t appeared :slight_smile:


I disagree. It may it may not but on the whole/over all the game worlds where this could be said to be comparable it would not have generated more.