Fight Picks May 24-27

Wednesday’s Kayo Sports PPV card

Not worth the PPV, but worth streaming if available I think. Always nice to have decent fights on midway through the week. The card did lose the Kayne Clarke fight which is unfortunate, but still worth maybe watching if you have the time. The card begins at 5am EST and the main event is expected around 8.

Joseph Parker (31-3) vs Faiga Opelu (15-3-2) [10 rounds @ Heavy]: Parker via Decision

Nikita Tszyu (5-0) vs Benjamin Bommber (5-0) [6 rounds @ Super Welter]: Tszyu via KO/TKO round 4

Friday’s DAZN card in Florida

Honestly, I wouldn’t even mention this card if it wasn’t easy to watch via DAZN. The card sucks but it is nice to have an option to watch fights on a Friday. Card starts at 9pm EST.

Kevin Hayler Brown (2-0) vs Julian Smith (6-1) [10 rounds @ Super Light]: Hayler Brown via Decision

Lorenzo Medina (6-0) vs Andrey Mangushev (7-0) [6 rounds @ Heavy]: Mangushev via KO/TKO Round 5


RCC Boxing card in Russia

Not a card I mentioned in my big schedule post, which I will probably update next week. RCC cards have been really fun of late, and normally are on their YouTube channel (this fight does not have that defined as of now, but I’d imagine it will be). The card starts at 10am EST, so a nice way to kick off the weekend with some decent fights.

Nikita Zon (6-0-1) vs Artysh Lopsan (10-1-1) [10 rounds @ Super Middle]: Zon via KO/TKO round 3

Ivan Kozlovsky (7-0) vs Julius Indongo (24-7) [10 rounds @ Super Light]: Kozlovsky via KO/TKO round 8

SKY Sports UK card in Bournemouth

Decent card, I appreciate the fact that CBS is getting a title shot. ATG National-level fighter Sam Eggington on the card as well, always a fun watch. Should be a fun card overall, which starts at 12pm EST.

Lawrence Okolie (19-0) vs Chris Billam-Smith (17-1) [12 rounds @ Cruiser for the WBO title]: Billam-Smith via Decision

Mikael Lawal (17-0) vs Isaac Chamberlain (14-2) [12 rounds @ Cruiser]: Lawal via KO/TKO round 9

Lee Cutler (12-1) vs Stanley Stannard (10-0) [10 rounds @ Super Welter]: Stanley Stannard via Decision

Sam Eggington (33-8) vs Joe Pigford (20-0) [10 rounds @ Super Welter]: Eggington via KO/TKO round 9

Tommy Welch (10-0) vs Amine Boucetta (7-6) [6 rounds @ Heavy]: Welch via KO/TKO round 2

DAZN card in Manchester

Rematch for Lara-Wood, was a really fun first fight that should provide similarly the second time around. I had Wood winning prior to the corner stoppage, which makes this fight very intriguing in my opinion (if that cut never opens up from the head clash, how does that fight pan out?). The rest of the card is solid, featuring some young talent and a strong co-main event featuring Jack Catterall. Card starts at 2pm EST, with main event starting around 5pm.

Mauricio Lara (26-2-1) vs Leigh Wood (26-3) [12 rounds @ Feather for WBA title]: Wood via Decision

Jack Catterall (26-1) vs Darragh Foley (22-4-1) [10 rounds @ Super Light]: Catterall via KO/TKO round 8 (Then proceeds to call for winner of Taylor-Lopez)

Aqib Fiaz (11-0) vs Costin Ion (10-3-2) [8 rounds @ Super Feather]: Fiaz via Decision

Campbell Hatton (11-0) vs Michal Bulik (6-2) [8 rounds @ Super Light]: Hatton via Decision

BT Sport/ESPN+ card in Belfast

Solid card, no huge names but solid up-and-down card. Card starts at 11:30 am EST.

Luis Alberto Lopez (27-2) vs Michael Conlan (18-1) [12 rounds @ Feather for IBF title]: Conlan via Decision

Nick Ball (17-0) vs Ludumo Lamati (21-0-1) [12 rounds @ Feather]: Ball via KO/TKO round 6

Anthony Cacace (20-1) vs Damian Wrzensinski (26-2-2) [12 rounds @ Super Feather for WBO title]: Cacace via Decision

Padraig McCrory (16-0) vs Diego Ramirez (25-9-1) [10 rounds @ Super Middle]: McCrory via KO/TKO round 2

I said UFC would make a return on this week’s post. That’s not true, as there is no UFC card this weekend. Next weekend, though, we will see the UFC back in these posts.

A great and tantalising teaser for the weekend. Missed the Joseph Parker “PPV” thankfully but clearly didn’t miss much.

As ever, a superb way to capture what’s going on this week.

12-2 on the weekend, could be better or worse but I totally missed the RCC card and BoxRec hasn’t updated yet. Thank god CBS is champ now instead of Huggies Okolie. Maybe some decent title fights at Cruiser now.

187-70 on the year. Good UFC card next weekend but boxing leaves a lot to be desired. Short post incoming