Fight Strategies

Anyone have any advice on when and what strategies to use?

I tend to use the default one for the most part. Only time I change is if the TKO percentage is over 75% then I change to a fighting on the outside (if it’s my guy) or pile on the pressure (if it’s the other guy)

If you’re referring to the fights…I have success when I don’t change anything and let the fighter fight their own game.

That, by the way, might be an area that could be improved. I don’t think the player currently
needs to strategically select different options (e.g. go for KO). Maybe in future versions of the game, the style and likely tactics of opponents could require more careful tactical planning etc., and decisions in the diner between rounds could have more impact.

Maybe others disagree and think the different in fight options make a difference - personally, I don’t touch them and generally get the results I’d expect.

A pre- fight game plan proposed by the trainer or proposed to the trainer (with feedback) might make it interesting. But this game is Boxing manager - not boxing trainer, so I’m not sure how much of that side of the game will be developed.

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Really depends on the fighter in terms of which strategy and natural is optimal in many situations.

Pile on Pressure is a favourite here with the right type of skilful fighter with sufficient stamina and a trainer whose attributes support that. And at the right time. Also seen plenty of the wrong type of guy to use PoP on


I mostly go with the default settings. Mostly because I find the line between being a manager/promotor and a coach a strange one. You have a coach so it seems odd to me the manager giving instructions. I prefer to keep it realistic.

However, IM dropped a huge tip before about ‘Pile on the Pressure’ so I have used that in some fights where my man is not the favourite with great success.


Yes. I think these roles could be made more distinct in the game.

The manager could hire a Head coach and assistant coach (designating coaching and corner duties during fights to the coaching team) or take the role of Head coach and give instructions in the corner.

The manager could hire a promoter and designate promotion duties (such as TV interviews, press conferences etc) - or perform these duties him/herself.

Yeah I like your suggestion there. At the moment you are a promotor/manager who undermines your coach on fight day. It’s like an Eddie Hearn on steroids :joy:

It’s all good really though, as you can kinda play how you like. I tend to just leave fight plans to the coach.

I would like to have more specific type of coaches. Being able to sign aggressive type ones like the Kronk, or more defensive type ones like Davidson. Which would have an actual affect on fight plans. And more than one in each gym which you could assign to specific fighters.

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Also, I don’t want to be Hearn - with or without steroids.

I’m with you on that my man :joy:. I don’t understand the current trend of people that seem to follow/support promotors instead of actual boxers. Matchroom seems to have the worst with their fanboys. All promotors jobs is to sell and they will say and do anything to enable that. Can never be trusted. Support the actual guys getting punched in the face ffs! Who cares who promotes them.

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I like Eddie one week then hate him the next :joy:

It’s all about no context hearn!