Fighter bio’s ? Addition idea

Quick question, I searched the forum for bio and haven’t seen it mentioned. Will fighter bios be introduced in the future? Seems like it could be a cool addition. Maybe in the contract screen or relationships a line of text could read like “Bio: Olympic Bronze Medallist” or random facts like “Local Tough Guy” “Former Toughman Fighter” “110-1 Amateur Record” “MMA fighter” there’s infinite things that could go there, they could be randomized according to a stat line like ring generalship that a fighters first created with. Just a thought. Switching to the new update at 3000 weeks! Thanks


Thanks for that.

That’s a huge game week count. Well done.

Bios like you describe would be cool.

Once we get round to a revision of the fighter screens then we think that this would be a great addition.

Sounds good it can determine the ceiling of a fighter too. Have we thought of prodigies yet?


No we haven’t…:slight_smile: Go on…:wink:

I was thinking that when you open a new gym you can start with a 15 year old low stat fast learner and groom him to become a pro. It would be assumed he has an amateur career so his box office skill would be able to start around 10-15. Just throwing it in.


We are looking at something similar to this where we use an increased starting Box Office value for certain amateurs starting out…. Olympics alas have passed where we were to trial this:) we will push this out now hopefully before end of year.