Fighter Development

So I have a question RE fighter development.

My boxers seem to progress so slowly! Like occasionally they might get a +1 to a stat attribute, but just as often they get a -1 at the same time. When they consistently win via KO/TKO they don’t get any growth to power, accuracy, when they consistently go 8/10/12 rounds they don’t get any increase to stamina. But, the moment they loose via KO/TKO they drop 3 points in either chin/on the canvas or taking punishment. I always try and employ the trainer with best stats in Youth Development and training but still the growth is slow. I don’t think moving around training focus helps unless they have some crazy high stat in one area and weak in another, because you loose points as much as you gain them in other stats, so if you have an averaged balanced fighter you can’t really improve them. And I know you use potential and XP to improve them, but it take like 7/8 fights to hopefully get one potential point but all of the upgrades are 3/2 potential, so it takes like 12-16 fights to upgrade just one stat by one point. So unless you get an incredible rookie or sing a great fighter, how do you improve someone enough to win a championship so you can start signing better rookies?

Basically, your not developing a poor boxer into a great one in this game. They generally need half decent stats already. I don’t buy anyone that I don’t think I can develop into a champion.

Concentrate on key stats with the stat points. Ring generalship, Chin, punishment for me. I want all these to be at least 15 if possible. I generally don’t buy anyone with under 11 in these categories. And then you also need to look at age. Younger boxers will obviously develop faster and more.

So really just be more picky about who you sign. It’s been said many times before but the game is hard if you don’t start the game with at least one good boxer. So keep restarting til you have that.


Ok, makes sense. And that’s fine in 2 of the modes but the father and 2 sons one is hard, because generally neither of them get good stats to start.
Also I have seen before where I had a really good LH boxer in his late 20’s got to a #1 contender but got KO’d in a fight, he had like 13 chin so lost 3 then started getting knocked out every couple of fights (like win 3-4 then get knocked out) as his chin got worse and worse. Let him got at the end of his contract, 1.5 years later, he is back as a 3 belt champion, chin stats back up to 14-15 after being down to about 5 with me and lots of other stats up a couple. How does the computer do that but he barely develops with me?

But you can improve the chin stat as well by either adjusting the training schedule or adding stat points. So works the same way really.

Matchmaking is incredibly important as well. Avoid fights against boxers with 20 or there abouts punch power. Regardless of the odds. One punch is all it can take for these guys.

If you look at the tips section there is a tips guide that may help.

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I always thought that all fighters have a certain distance they can go with the skills they have. Really low generalship can only be improved but so much, even with the most dedicated fighter; but if you pick him up just to expand earnings, betting opportunities then he serves his purpose.

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Did the Chin attribute really go up like that?? We will look at that as we agree with you. All attributes/stats are subject to change but that particular one goes down and stays down in our opinion…

We will check that out.