Fighter wants fight yet is injured

Just want to say, absolutely loving the game! Just a small thing happened here where a fighter said he wants a fight yet he’s injured so I can’t get him one.

And… minor again but on the contract screen everyone goes down as British on my game? You can see on the screenshot above.

So much for us to do in the next few days :slight_smile:

Thanks for those.

As I said, honestly absolutely loving the game, no rush! Appreciate all that you’re doing.


We all appreciate the comments.

I am having the same issue in regards injures boxer wanting to fight. Also my fighters get injured nearly every fight, even on jab and move, superior ring and defence than opponents. Had all 6 fighters out at once :joy:. Will SS next time. Great game though.

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Hi Michael.

Thanks for the post and welcome.

We have this issue in the bug list and it’s being fixed for our the bug fix release this or next week. Also looking at incidences of injuries and balancing that a bit more.