Fighters retiring too early?

Hey guys!

Has there been some tweaking in the code in this area? It used to be fighters were hanging on way too long (up to 46-47 years of age) before retiring and now we see lots of fighters retiring already at 29-30 years of age. Could we perhaps have some sort of middle ground regarding this? I think only seldomly should fighters retire at 30 and I would actually like to see some fighters retire at 40 (in my current game there has been none who retired over the age of 37).

There was a change made about six months ago but none since.

We have heard a couple of people mentioning early retirements. In some respects early retirements of fine but lack of explanation as to why they’ve retired doesn’t help. We will also go and check the distribution of retirement by age again to make sure the balance is reflective of “real life”.

Weird I hardly ever come across this. If anything I would welcome it.

Then it seems to set up differently every single game. I´ve only run two games. My first game (this wasn´t the current version) fighters just refused to retire. Too many well into their 40´s. My new game since I updated, noone wants to hang around. I have contenders losing a points decision retiring at 30, who should be in the prime of their careers. Maybe take a look at the balance like you said and see if it needs correcting.

Here are some examples.