Fights on this week (April 5-8)

I like doing these big, week-encompassing posts for predicting fight outcomes. I’m coming in on a hot streak, going 10-0 on last weekend. Here’s to sharing that success again this week.

April 5 ProBox TV card

This is a Mexico card for ProBox, which means two things. 1) the fighters are managed by Juan Manuel Marquez’s promotion, not the normal ProBox promotion and 2) the card is, historically speaking, going to be worse than the Florida based, traditional ProBox TV cards. Still, three interesting fights that I won’t deep dive into, but are worth mentioning in a post like this. After all, this card will be streamed FREE on ProBox TV’s YouTube, and who doesn’t like free stuff?

Carlos Sanchez Valdez vs Alexander Duran (10 rounds at Welterweight): Duran via Decision

Brandon Reyes Valle vs Abraham Arreola Calixtro (8 or 10 rounds at Bantamweight): Reyes Valle via Decision

Jose Napoles vs Eduardo Martinez (10 rounds at Lightweight): Martinez via KO/TKO Round 7

April 6 DAZN card in Idaho

This is a one-fight card in the middle of nowhere, but having a decent bout on a Thursday is pretty neat. A lot of people will probably ignore this fight, seeing as it’s a flyweight bout, far from the most popular division in the world. But it should be fireworks as long as the bout lasts.

Angel Acosta vs Angelino Cordova (10 rounds at Flyweight): Cordova is a fighter that I’ve seen live, as he fought as chief support for the Gonzalez-Barriga title fight last June, which was a ProBox TV card about 30 minutes away from where I live. I became a big fan of Cordova from that viewing, loving to watch his big-time power and hand speed. He faces Angel Acosta, who’s the former WBO Light Flyweight champion and shares very similar traits with Cordova in terms of style and devastating punching power. Acosta has shown to be a bit chinny against top dogs in the weight class, getting knocked out by both Elwin Soto and Junto Nakatani. I think Cordova has at least comparable, if not better power then both of those guys, and he also carries a two inch reach advantage into the ring with him. That being said, Cordova has only fought one 10 rounder in his career, being the Split Decision W that I witnessed first-hand last summer. Acosta, at age 32, carries significantly more experience into the ring while still being in his prime fighting years age-wise. In short, this should be a banger of a fight for however long it lasts. I should note that both Acosta and Cordova have ties with the WBO, with Acosta’s reign as WBO Light Fly champ and Cordova’s current status as the WBO Latino Light Fly champ. With both carrying a history with the same organization, it wouldn’t shock me if the winner of this fight gets a shot at the WBO Flyweight strap, currently vacant but being fought for this Saturday, in the near future.
Official Prediction: Angelino Cordova via KO/TKO round 5

April 7 Showtime card

Another one-fight card, but on Friday this time. I’m really only highlighting these three weekday cards because of the ability for boxing fans to potentially get their fix three times this week before Saturday. I probably will skip this one, but I think it’s important to note, even if I’m not going to delve too deeply into the fight itself.

Shinard Bunch vs Brayan Flores (10 rounds at Super Lightweight): Bunch via Decision


ESPN+/Prime Video Japan Card

This event starts at 3am here on the East coast of the US, but man what a banger of an event this will be. 4 huge fights with 3 world titles on the line. Should be fun for those who will watch.

Kenshiro Teraji vs Anthony Olascuaga (12 rounds for the WBA and WBC World Light Flyweight titles): Olascuaga is a short-notice replacement for the aforementioned Jonathan Gonzalez, who was injured in camp. This fight would have put Gonzalez’s WBO Light Flyweight strap on the line as well, making this a huge unification fight. Alas, Teraji gets to make use of his camp against a guy who, let’s face it, just isn’t ready for this step-up in competition, but props to him for taking the short-notice challenge. Teraji should be able to put a beating on this young man, and hopefully try for Gonzalez again this summer.
Official Prediction: Kenshiro Teraji via KO/TKO round 4

Takuma Inoue vs Liborio Solis (12 rounds for the vacant WBA Bantamweight title): Nice to see Inoue getting another title shot, coming into this bout on a 5 fight win streak since his only previous title shot, a wide unanimous decision loss to Nordine Oubaali. Inoue is a very technical boxer who doesn’t possess much power, but rather relies on his footwork, defense, and timing to be effective and win rounds. Solis, on the other hand, enters this fight at age 41, has most recently fought a 6 round and an 8 round fight coming into this contest, and hasn’t won a world title fight since 2013 (he’s had 3 attempts since). He does also carry a 5 fight win streak into this contest, but with his age and lack of even decent competition entering this weekend, this fight seems geared for Inoue to win. Solis’ best shot will be to fight outside, as he has a big reach advantage over Inoue, but he’s never shown an ability or willingness to fight that way in the past. And on top of that, Inoue’s footwork is vastly superior to Solis’, which could give him avenues to get inside even if Solis tries to keep him at range. This may be it for Solis, and it will be it for him at the top.
Official Prediction: Takuma Inoue via Decision

Other intriguing undercard fights

Kiko Martinez vs Reiya Abe (12 rounds at Featherweight): Martinez via Decision (Interesting fight where if Kiko is still prime Kiko, he wins, but he’s also 37, and Abe is good enough to beat even a slightly sub-prime Kiko)

Jin Sasaki vs Keita Obara (12 rounds at Welterweight): Sasaki via KO/TKO round 10

Showtime USA card

Interesting card, solid main event and some decent undercard fights. If there weren’t so many good cards this weekend, this would probably be highlighted way more than it is right now. Alas, this’ll be a good card to pay attention to while watching the big fights of the weekend.

Sebastian Fundora vs Brian Mendoza (12 rounds for the Interim WBC Super Welterweight title): Not the most intriguing matchup in terms of potential result, and Fundora isn’t the most fun fighter to watch live. I think anyone who’s ever watched Fundora fight knows how this fight will go. His insane length and Fundora’s knowledge and ability to use it will, more than likely, make this fight somewhat of a snooze, but Mendoza has a shot with his big-time power if he can get inside. Fundora has been dropped when faced with talented inside fighters, and Fundora will HAVE to be good inside for any chance at winning this fight. All in all, the cards are stacked for Fundora, and I think his age and size could make him a future star in this sport.
Official Prediction: Sebastian Fundora via Decision

Other intriguing undercard fights

Brandun Lee vs Pedro Campa (10 rounds at Lightweight): Lee via Decision

Luis Reynaldo Nunez vs Christian Olivo Barreda (10 rounds at Featherweight): Nunez via Decision

Frank Sanchez vs Daniel Martz (10 rounds at Heavyweight): Sanchez via TKO/KO round 8

ESPN+/ESPN US New Jersey card

Very good undercard if you’re interested in seeing some of the best prospects in the sport. I am not a fan of the main event, but I understand that this is a big fight for Stevenson, stepping up into lightweight against a solid opponent. I just don’t see the intrigue in the main event, as I think everyone pretty much knows what’s going to happen.

Shakur Stevenson vs Shuichiro Yoshino (12 rounds at Lightweight): Having last watched Yoshino be incredibly mid against Ito on the GGG-Murata card, I don’t see him giving Stevenson much trouble. His skill set kind of sets up the sweet science of Shakur perfectly, and I think that Stevenson is easily a top 3 pure boxer in the world right now. He’s going to look really good against Yoshino, especially as the fight goes on and he gets accustomed to fighting lightweights. Yoshino was a smart choice for his step-up; Stevenson has the same reach as Yoshino, but is slightly smaller height-wise, and stylistically, as mentioned, Stevenson should feast on Yoshino.
Official Prediction: Shakur Stevenson via Decision

Other intriguing undercard fights

Keyshawn Davis vs Anthony Yigit (10 rounds at Lightweight): Davis via TKO/KO round 8

Jared Anderson vs George Arias (10 rounds at Heavyweight): Andrson via KO/TKO Round 3

Troy Isley vs Roy Barringer (8 rounds at Super Welterweight): Isley via Decision

DAZN Texas card

Probably the second most talked about card this weekend, behind the Stevenson card on ESPN. Still, this card is excellent for non-casuals, displaying some of the best talent in the lighter weight divisions. top-to-bottom good fights with titles on the line when it’s over. Should be tons of fun.

Murodjon Akhmadaliev vs Marlon Tapales (12 rounds for the IBF and WBA Super Bantamweight titles): I’ll keep this one short and sweet: MJ will dominate this fight. Tapales is taking his one fight per year quota against a guy who’s longer and loves to command the fight with his jab. I’ll always have a bit of a sour taste for MJ, being a huge Ronny Rios fan, but MJ is looking to win this fight in dominant fashion, then get the Inoue payday once he beats Fulton. The formula is very simple. Win rounds, use your length (which will be a good talking point when matching up with the smaller Inoue), and get Hearn to hype him up as the top dog in the weight class. As for Tapales’ chances, he could maybe confuse MJ a little bit if he finds a way to neutralize the jab. MJ doesn’t have much experience as a pro, Tapales could capitalize on that with some stellar game planning. But, I just don’t see a way for him to consistently do that over 12 rounds.
Official Prediction: Murodjon Akhmadaliev via Decision

Jesse Rodriguez vs Cristian Gonzalez Hernandez (12 rounds for the vacant WBO Flyweight title): ‘Bam’ is going to kill this poor guy. Hernandez has very little power, so he’ll need to try and decision Rodriguez if he wants any shot at winning. Rodriguez is moving down a division in hopes of becoming a 2 division champ (which has to be super rare, right?), and is known for his explosive punching power. He didn’t look all that great in his last bout against Israel Gonzalez, so I’m expecting ‘Bam’ to come out with a chip on his shoulder for this one, looking to reaffirm his status as a big-time player in the Flyweight/Super Fly divisions. Gonzalez is just the man in the way for him.
Official Prediction: Jesse Rodriguez via KO/TKO Round 4

Other intriguing undercard fights

Raymond Ford vs Jesse Magdaleno (12 rounds at featherweight): Ford via decision (maybe the best matchup of the weekend for boxing)

Thomas Mattice vs Ramiro Cesena (10 rounds at Super Featherweight): Cesena via Decision

Israil Madrimov vs Raphael Igbokwe (10 rounds at Lightweight): Madrimov via KO/TKO Round 9

Marc Castro vs Ricardo Lopez Torres (8 rounds at Lightweight): Castro via TKO/KO round 7

UFC 287

Won’t delve too deeply into these fights, as this is a boxing forum. But I am going to this event, and it’s going to be a banger. Not going to predict every fight, but the whole main card and the fun-looking prelims.

Alex Pereira vs Israel Adesanya (Middleweight Title Bout): Adesanya via Decision

Gilbert Burns vs Jorge Masvidal (Welterweight): Burns via Submission

Rob Font vs Adrian Yanez (Bantamweight): Font via Decision

Kevin Holland vs Santiago Ponzinibbio (Welterweight): Holland via KO/TKO

Raul Rosas Jr vs Christian Rodriguez (Bantamweight): Rosas Jr via Submission

Chris Curtis vs Kelvin Gastelum (Middleweight): Curtis via Decision

Michael Chiesa vs Li Jingliang (Welterweight): Chiesa vis Submission

Gerald Meershaert vs Joe Pyfer (Middleweight): Pyfer via KO/TKO

Shayilan Nuerdanbieke vs Steve Garcia (Featherweight): Garcia via KO/TKO

How I’d Prioritize these events

  1. UFC 287 (I’m actually attending this one)
  2. DAZN Texas (Two fun title fights, great undercard)
  3. ESPN+ New Jersey card (Superstar of the sport headlines a good card)
  4. ESPN+ Japan card (4 awesome fights, but way too early in the morning)
  5. Showtime Saturday card (Good main event, even if it’s easily predictable. Pretty solid undercard, too)
  6. ProBox TV card (Nothing beats free)
  7. DAZN Idaho card (Only 1 good matchup, but should be super fun)
  8. Showtime Friday card (1 decent matchup, probably not worth watching if you have literally anything else to do)

83-28 on the year. Here’s to being 115-28 when it’s all said and done.

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0-2 on the ProBox card (day before fill-in for the opening fight, and my precedent is void the prediction when the fight changes in any way). Should have been 1-1 but Sanchez got gifted the decision.

Thank you once again Dylan for your valuable contributions to our community. your insights, positivity and dedication to helping others are truly appreciated. We are very lucky to have you as part of our community

Happy to do it. Glad it helps casuals and hardcore fans alike

First time doing this: I’m altering my predictions for two fights on Saturday

Alex Pereira will beat Israel Adesanya via TKO

Jorge Masvidal will beat Gilbert Burns via Decision

1-2 with the Córdova win last night. Don’t know if I would have scored it for him but it was certainly close and it was impressive that he was able to hang with such a talented fighter with no experience at that level.

4-4 with the Japan and Showtime cards finished. Really impressed with Olascuaga, only his 6th professional fight and battled with a good champ. The stoppage was premature in my opinion but a good bout nonetheless.

Teraji vs Olascuaga is FOTY candidate

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Agreed definitely an excellent bout. Was really impressed by Olascuaga on short notice. He has champion potential

19-11 on the weekend. Far from great but at least above .500

Should’ve gone with my gut with 287, but what an atmosphere

102-39 on the year