Fights to Look Forward to in 2023

This will be a continuous thread throughout the year for anyone to post fights that are CONFIRMED (not speculated) to be happening. This could help some more casual fans on this site get into the sport a little more. I’m also putting some interesting undercard fights alongside their main events where applicable (or currently available) and where to watch it IN THE USA. It’s unknown to me where to watch it in other countries, but a quick Google search will sort that out for you. Here’s what I’ll start us off with:

Sat 14th: Efe Ajagba vs Stephan Shaw (Heavy) ESPN+

Sat 21st: Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Smith (Middle) DAZN
Also on Card: Joseph Parker vs Jack Massey (Heavy), Richard Riakporhe vs Krzysztof Glowacki (Cruiser), Frazer Clarke vs Kevin Espindola (Heavy)

Wed 25th: Cesar Francis vs Jesus Saracho (Super Light) ProBox TV
Also on Card: Oscar Alvarez Jr vs Nicolas Polanco (Super Feather)

Sat 28th: Artur Beterbiev vs Anthony Yarde (Light Heavy) ESPN+
Also on Card: Artem Dalakian vs David Jiminez (Fly), Karol Itauma vs TBA (Light Heavy), Moses Itauma vs TBA (Heavy)

Thu 2nd: Erik Bazinyan vs Alantez Fox (Super Middle) ESPN+

Fri 3rd: Emanual Navarrete vs Liam Wilson (Super Feather) ESPN+
Also on Card: Arnold Barboza Jr vs Jose Pedraza (Super Light)

Sat 11th: Adam Azim vs Santos Reyes (Super Light) Unknown (Sky Sports in UK confirmed)
Also on Card: Viddal Riley vs TBA (Cruiser)

Sat 11th: Rey Vargas vs O’Shaquie Foster (Super Feather) SHOWTIME

Sat 18th: Leigh Wood vs Mauricio Lara (Feather) DAZN

Sat 25th: Regie Suganob vs Mark Vicelles (Light Fly) Unknown

Sat 11th: Lawrence Okolie vs David Light (Cruiser) Unknown (Sky Sports in UK Confirmed)

That’s everything I’m looking forward to for now. Feel free to add your own, as I will continue doing throughout this year.


Good work. February looking decent there.

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Some new additions that either forgot or got added:

January 28: Alexis Rocha vs Anthony Young (Welter) DAZN
Also on Card: Bektemir Melikuziev vs TBA (Super Middle)

March 4: Josh Taylor vs Jack Catterall (Super Light) ESPN+

March 25: Richard Commey vs Jose Ramirez (Super Light) ESPN+

April 1: Isaac Dogboe vs Robeisy Ramirez (Featherweight) ESPN+

April 8: Shakur Stevenson vs Shuichiro Yoshino (Light) Unknown

April 8: Jesse Rodriguez vs Cristian Gonzalez (Fly) DAZN

Thanks for adding these. After picking up this game it’s gotten me a little interested to watch some boxing and try to follow the sport a little casually.

Sounds like ESPN+ is the best place to start watching casually without major subscription? Any other recommendations with minimal investment?


DAZN is not bad value for money in the UK. No idea how much it is elsewhere though. Unfortunately with the amount of pay per views these days a ‘dodgy box’ is the best bet.


You could always stream a fight to see how you like it

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A couple more additions:

March 4: Mark Magsayo vs Brandon Figueroa (Feather) Unknown

March 25: David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant (168) Unknown

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Not a date yet, but I see Inoue and Fulton are in talks. Now that’s a fight I would love to see made.

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Yes I’ve been monitoring this as well. This would be the fight of the year in my opinion

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Huge fight announcement for April 15. Zhilei Zhang vs Joe Joyce booked for 12 rounds of fireworks for Joyce’s WBO interim spot

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Thanks @TheLatinSnake for the thread.
Great addition

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What’s your predictions on Joyce zhang fight? I could see that being an entertaining fight. Been a while since we have seen your predictions ie stoppage, what round, points win? I always enjoyed reading your fight card predictions. You have swayed my predictions and lost me the odd £10 though. Haha.

My bad man lol. Don’t take boxing advice from a hockey coach I guess

Zhang-Joyce should be an absolute banger… for like six rounds. Then either Zhang will gas out or someone gets floored. Not overly sold on Joyce’s gas tank when facing pressure either, it’ll be a good test for him and could go a long way to legitimizing him as #3/4 behind Fury, Usyk, and Wilder.

Maybe I’ll start posting some fight predictions again. Stopped after a pretty rough patch of wrong predictions and the lull of interesting fights

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Don’t worry pal. I am very easily influenced.haha.
I wasn’t sold on big joe at start but he keeps stepping up the levels with relative ease. My biggest problem with joe is his defence and head movement… Never a good sign a hw taking big shots like he does. He may make it to top but you can’t keep taking shots like that and expect no permanent damage down line.

Very true. Neither he nor Zhang are good defensively at all. Both are KO victims if they go against Fury or Wilder. But both beat or at least war with the rest of the heavyweight pack (yes that includes Usyk, most technically skilled boxer in the weight class but with a major size disadvantage he won’t cruise to any wins)

I’m a huge Zhang fan, so I’ll pick him by TKO. But it’ll be one shot either way

Not seen enough of zhang. When I have seen him not been massively impressed but you can only beat what’s put in front of you. Am going for Joyce late on. It’s going to be a war and that’s what we all want from heavyweights.
Gutted about Taylor fight getting postponed. Hope it’s not a massive injury cos that will be a very firey affair. Catterall and Taylor can’t stand each other. They had to be separated at ringside on sat. Tt is going to give me some harsh words but catterall will finish job this time. Haha

@TartanTornado you seeing this sh¡t man? You gonna let him talk about your boy like this?

Zhang beat Hrgovic, by the way. I’ll take that to my grave

T.t isn’t biting. He must have doubts about his boy. :joy::joy:

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I’m not even convinced Taylor v Catterall happens now. Another potential 3 months out before he can even train. Surely Catterall needs to get a fight in.

Re Taylor, I dunno. My gut feeling is he vacate’s the last belt he has and moves up. Been struggling with that weight for a while and another 3 months on his ass is not going to help. His reputation has diminished last year so perhaps a fight v Spence or Crawford is pretty easy to make.

Here’s an updated list as January comes to an end. I think I’ll redo the full list at the end of each month, just to have a comprehensive list to look at with new fights being added/dropped constantly, so that people don’t have to scroll through all of the thread to see what’s on and what’s not. Here we go (again):


  • 27th: Serhii Bohachuk vs Nathaniel Gallimore (Super Welter, 10 rds) UFC Fight Pass

  • 28th: Artur Beterbiev vs Anthony Yarde (Light Heavy, 12 rds) ESPN+ (USA)
    Also on card: Artem Dalakian vs David Jiminez (Fly, 12 rds), Notable Prospects on Card: Karol Itauma, Umar Khan, Tommy Fletcher, Moses Itauma

  • 28th: Alexis Rocha vs George Ashie (Welter, 12 rds) DAZN
    Also on card: Oscar Collazo vs Yudel Reyes (Minimum, 12 rds), Bektemir Melikuziev vs Ulises Sierra (Super Middle, 10 rds), Notable Prospects on card: Alejandro Reyes


  • 2nd: Erik Bazinyan vs Alantez Fox (Super Middle, 10 rds) ESPN+ (USA)

  • 3rd: Emanuel Navarrete vs Liam Wilson (Super Feather, 12 rds) ESPN+ (USA)
    Also on card: Arnold Barboza Jr vs Jose Pedraza (Super Light, 10rds), Andres Cortes vs Luis Melendez (Super Feather, 10 rds), Notable Prospects on card: Nico Ali Walsh, Richard Torrez Jr

  • 4th: Amanda Serrano vs Erika Cruz Hernandez (Women’s Feather, 10 rds) DAZN
    Also on Card: Richardson Hitchins vs John Bauza (Super Light, 10 rds), Skye Nicholson vs Tania Alvarez (Women’s Feather, 10 rds), Notable Prospects on card: Ramla Ali

  • 8th: Alejandro Gonzalez vs Brayan Rivera (Bantam, 10rds) ProBox TV
    Also on Card: Erick Araujo vs Ivan Garcia (Minimum, 10rds)

  • 11th: Adam Azim vs Santos Reyes (Super Light, 10 rds) Unknown US (SKY sports UK)
    Also on card: Dan Azeez vs Thomas Faure (Light Heavy, 12 rds)

  • 11th: Rey Vargas vs O’Shaquie Foster (Super Feather, 12 rds) Showtime
    Also on card: Lenier Pero vs Viktor Vykhryst (Heavy, 10 rds), Mario Barrios vs Jovanie Santiago (Super Light, 10 rds)

  • 17th: David Adeleye vs Dmytro Bezus (Heavy, 10 rds) ESPN+ USA
    Also on Card: Mark Chamberlain vs Vairo Lenti (Light, 10 rds)

  • 17th: Ardreal Lopez vs Ismael Villarreal (Super Welter, 10 rds) Showtime
    Also on card: Victor Padilla vs John Mannu (Super Light, 8 rds)

  • 18th: Leigh Wood vs Mauricio Lara (Feather, 12 rds) DAZN
    Also on Card: Dalton Smith vs Billy Arlington (Super Light, 12 rds), Gary Cully vs Wilfredo Flores (Light, 10 rds) Notable Prospects on card: Cheavon Clarke

  • 25th: Subriel Matias vs Jeremias Ponce (Super Light, 12 rds) Showtime


  • 4th: Angel Fierro vs Eduardo Estela (Light, 10 rds) DAZN

  • 4th: Mark Magsayo vs Brandon Figueroa (Feather, 12 rds) Showtime

  • 11th: Lawrence Okolie vs David Light (Cruiser, 12 rds) Unknown US, SKY sports UK

  • 12th: Tim Tszyu vs Tony Harrison (Super Welter, 12 rds) Unknown US/UK, Kayo Sports Australia

  • 23rd: Carlos Gongora vs Christian Mbilli (Super Middle, 10 rds) ESPN+ USA
    Also on Card: Simon Kean vs Eric Molina (Heavy, 10 rds)

  • 25th: Jose Carlos Ramirez vs Richard Commey (Super Light, 12 rds) ESPN+ USA

  • 25th: David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant (Super Middle, 12 rds) Showtime


  • 1st: Robeisy Ramirez vs Isaac Dogboe (Feather, 12 rds) ESPN+ USA
    Also on Card: Xander Zayas vs Ronald Cruz (Super Welter, 8 rds)

  • 1st: Anthony Joshua vs Jermaine Franklin (Heavy, 12 rds) Unknown (Probably DAZN)

  • 8th: Shakur Stevenson vs Shuichiro Yoshino (Light, 12 rds) Unknown

  • 8th: Jesse Rodriguez vs Christian Gonzalez (Fly, 12 rds) DAZN

  • 15th: Denzel Bentley vs Kieran Smith (Middle, 12 rds) Unknown US, BT sport UK

  • 15th: Joe Joyce vs Zhilei Zhang (Heavy 12 rds) Unknown (Probably DAZN)

  • 29th: Liam Davies vs Jason Cunningham (Super Bantam, 12 rds) Unknown US, BT Sport UK

  • 29th: Virgil Ortiz Jr vs Eimantas Stanionis (Welter, 12 rds) DAZN