Forced Undefeated Retirement

I have an undefeated fighter who is the undisputed heavyweight champion and has basically cleared out his division. I would love to force him to retire with all four belts and undefeated so I can move on and focus on the other fighters in my stable. Could forced retirement be implemented into the game?


A ‘suggest retirement’ button has been suggested.

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Agreed that this is needed.
Again it’s just a question of it reaching the top of the todo pile. Everything makes it there in the end :slight_smile: Hell we even reached the “Edit stable fighter names” item in the end…:slight_smile:


It would also be good if you could bring a fighter out of retirement as well depending on there age

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That would be cool like fighters coming back (ex. Tyson Fury) or like moving up and back down weight classes (ex. Roy Jones Jr.). Kind of like different storylines

That would be awesome. I love the game already but it has even more potential which I’m excited about