Former champs winning world title after losing?

Love the game ladz. Have also since got the ringside addition… but still currently playing the normal one more often due to how far into it I am at the moment.

However, I have noticed with my fighters who’ve won world title(s) and then lost a fight… they drop ranking and I usually have to have around 5-7 fights to get another shot at a belt but pretty much every time a fighter gets a another title shot after losing it, they lose?? Is this purposely made like that or am doing something wrong? I understand age would play a factor but some of my guys are 27-30’s and it’s like they’re not able to win a WT again after being beat

I had a boxer who was a former champ and I did my best to regain the title, but he was 31 years old. I noticed when boxers reach 30 they are debuffed heavily even if their stats are 20 they just do poorly in fights but did you check the health tab because if it’s over 110% they get knocked out easily.

All to do with Rankings and the fights you take. If you lose a world title, you do usually drop a few rankings if you can’t get that immediate rematch, I’ve noticed the longer my guy has been champ, he will usually go straight in at number 1 if it’s been a good few years. If you were just a flash in the pan champion who won the belt then lost it, you do kinda have to work for it again.

If you lose the belt and they drop you a few, I recommend only booking that fighter after every Ranking update and you can’t cherry pick, you gotta take the highest ranked opponent available