Frequent injuries

I don’t know if it’s just me or does injuries happen way too often after fights?

No it happens too little and the injuries are too light.

Seriously :slight_smile:

This is the playable extent otherwise people say they are too frequent :wink:

Yep. There’s also the complete lack of injuries during training, which is extremely unrealistic and I think most if not all of us are completely fine with it.

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Can’t wait till we bring that in.

All the Discord people want drug bans added as a feature…!:wink:

Tell discord people to do one with there crap ideas. :joy::joy:

We aren’t a fan of that.

We do though have to address some bad things soon.

Firstly, trainer deaths.
And then fighter deaths of old age.

This has come up before and having put in the game it’s something that we’ve avoided releasing for obvious reasons. Trainers is bad, fights is very tough.

I think that’s the kind of thing that for every one person that likes it another 10 would hate it. People are incredibly sensitive now, can just imagine the reviews :joy::joy: