Fury Vs Whyte? Is this really a big fight?

Is anyone else surprised the Fury Vs Whyte fight sold so many tickets so quickly?

I can’t see Whyte giving Fury any real problems. I think Fury will have an easy night.

It seems a bit of shit show and the way that Whyte loses at higher levels of opposition rather than beating them always speaks volumes to us.

It’s like when horses are described by the quality of horses that have beaten them… Always the most false of comparisons to choose when picking a winner.

I am a bit of a whyte fanboy. Until he got banged out by povetkin I thought he would give fury a good fight. I never imagined he would win but thought he would hold his own. I thought whyte was unlucky against aj. Until his shoulder popped he looked like he was going to ko aj.
I don’t think whyte gets credit he deserves sometimes. He’s never ducked a fight, if someone calls him out he will fight them and fought every person wbc put in front of him trying to get his title shot.
His best days must be behind him now though. He has been in some brawls over years and taken some big shots.
Just read fury is saying this could be his last fight? I hope not. He needs to fight winner of usyk aj then he can retire knowing he has cleared up heavyweight division.


To be honest I think any decent heavyweight Fury fights in is a big fight now. Guy is a superstar now.

Weirdly I wouldn’t be hugely surprised by an upset. Fury didn’t look great in Wilder 3, caught way more than normal. And the damage he has previously done to his body with drugs and weight gain / loss has to take its toll eventually eh.

It’s a shame, instead of everyone taking sides online and hating, in the UK we should be lapping up this generation. 2 top Heavyweight champions and a no 1 contender in last few years. May not happen again.

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Fear the same for this one. Whatever the comparison between these two the fact remains that Whyte’s a live opponent and a tasty one at that if he’s on form and Fury isn’t.

Those are some heavy fights he’s been in with Wilder in terms of punishment and the clock has to be ticking. Hope not but it doesn’t look as one-sided as people might like or want.

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I’m not convinced. I think Fury does what he needs to do. Sometimes he doesn’t or can’t (maybe due to preparation) do more in a fight - but he meets the minimum needed to win. I think he nearly slipped up against Wallin, but that aside, I think he still has what is needed to beat Whyte without much problem.

I think Whyte is more vulnerable than Fury. I think Fury has a better range of skills and options. Don’t forget Whyte is aging too and has also had some tough fights. I think Fury will frustrate him and either win on points or a late stoppage after Whyte becomes exhausted chasing him around.

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We have made a separate thread for a poll on people’s opinion for the fight.