Game crashes following updates

Been playing the game for a couple years, love the game and how it’s progressed.
Only problems I’ve had is following updates introducing new features my game will either freeze then crash or just crash immediately. Hoping for a fix.
First one came when trying to open the ‘fighter of the year’ screen.
More recently, trying to open the ‘amateur’ menu. Both will crash my game.
Anyone else experiencing this/know how to fix?

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I have the same problem when I tap on amateurs the game freezes for 3 seconds then crashes.

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Does it crash if you leave it hanging for longer. Give it 30 secs…

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It seems the amateur menu’s sorted itself out, works fine now.
Yeah I’ve given that a go, the fighter of the year still freezes and then crashes the game

The Amateur freezes for me now and I just payed a few dollars

Whenever I press amateur the whole game shuts off.

hey can you get me a video displaying this please so we can fix this

Have you played atleast a year (52 weeks) in game since updating?
I had this, and then it disappeared.
I’ve just started a new game and it started happening again.
I’ve noticed it fixed itself after 52 weeks, might be the same for you?