Game ideas(HOPE I GET A REPLY)

Here are some ideas i have for the game i enjoy most on my phone i have spent countless hours as its so addicting but i have a few ideas that could be good.

  1. have a fighter have a walk around weight. This adds a real feel to cutting weight. For instance having a guy who walks around at 200 pounds and you wanted him to fight at middleweight for example which in boxing i believe is around 160 pounds this fighter would be cutting 40 pounds during camp which could affecf his stamina and taking punishment e.g but it may help his power.

  2. Have fighters have there own height and reaches which would affect how fight strats in the fight. For example if a fighter is 6 foot 4 inches and has a reach of 82 plus good ring gen and defensive skills this would help strats like use the ring and jab and move more effective where as a fighter with a shorter reach would be more effective at smothering inside. This would make strategising for a fight for realistic.

  3. Maybe during commentary at a fight add a few things for example “two good punches landed” is a good line but i think “lands a clean lead hook” or “powerful uppercut landed by ****”

  4. I love the idea for a fighter having different styles and being good against some styles and poor against others i think it could be good having punch stats. For example a fighters jab could be 20/20 so therefore his jab and move would work really effective but his lead uppercut and uppercut are both 1 smothering inside may not be the best option

  5. I think it could be good to be able to favour certain punches in a fight for example if its round 6 and your oponment is hurt you could slide your jab to 0 percent and make your fighter only throw hooks and uppercuts but this mechanic woudnt be able tk work with certain stats so you wodunt be able to jab and move you would have tk choose natural style, pile on pressure plant feet or look for KO.

  6. Mandatory challengers would be good sometimes your fighter gets to hate you lol when nobody steps to the plate.

  7. Add better trainers availavle for the better your gym gets and the worse your gym is the worse the trainers.

8.Be able to throw in the towel for example your fighter is gettinf destroyed and you dont want him to take anymore punishment you can throw in the towel. This could help prevent stat losses to taking punishment and chin.

  1. Make more undefeated fighters become contenders.

  2. Allow fighter’s to relocate between gyms for example you have two fighters both in the same gym one undisputed champion other one ranked 1 in all governing bodies make it so you can relocate the ranked number 1 to a different gym to challenge for the title.

11.add a new mechanic of being able to set wheth3r your fighter would clinch when hurt which would slow punishment taking down or fight back when hurt.

All in all some of these ideas you not personally like but this is a great game i have probably spent easily over 200 hours on this game and these are just some of my thought’s jf none of these get used im happy if any of these features get added one day id be even more happy.


Wow a lot to unpack here. Overall good suggestions. I’ll go through each

  1. Cool idea but not sure how it’d work in-game. I’d imagine it’d work something like the current fight camp mechanics but idk. Sounds like it could be overly complicated or tedious for more casuals fans to care about.

  2. Great idea. Thought about this in the past. Size advantages in fights are a big factor in planning for real fights. Similar issues in game would be nice.

  3. Eh, sounds cool but not something I’d personally use. I like to set commentary speed to fastest setting and blow through fights. I have a ton of fighters so going through each fight slowly would be super time consuming.

  4. I think I posted something about punch stats not too long ago. Good idea I think

  5. I think the current round-by-round style thing works to, effectively, do this already. Would be a cool add but not something as important to the game overall like ideas 2 and 4 are imo

  6. Mandatories have been talked about at length on this forum. I think there’s a million different opinions on it. Personally, I think having two top 5 ranked contenders for a particular belt should get the option to fight for a title eliminator/mandatory (similar to the already in-game mechanic for vacant regional titles). I also think this could apply to vacant titles as opposed to just handing it to the highest non-booked contender.

  7. I think that the current trainer system is fine for starting gyms. You should get regional and global trainers as your gym becomes available to regional and global fighters. I think that’d be enough of a pool to negate the need for something like you’ve proposed. Also, trainer potential and upgrades.

  8. Throwing in the towel has been another topic of discussion on here already. I think it’d be a cool add. Not to overuse but if your guy is getting killed, it’d be nice to save the potential -2 to chin from a knockout, though you are guaranteeing no comeback wins. Of course, I think there should be a punishment to throwing in the towel. Maybe a bigger rankings drop or something.

  9. I think Box Office should be more prevalent in ranking. Top young fighters who’re undefeated should be moving up quicker than they do. Another topic that’s been mentioned here in the past.

  10. Another thing already mentioned. I think it’d be a great addition to the game. There should be a fighter input though. Like retiring, the fighter makes the ultimate decision. Should be the same thing

  11. I think adding in more fight style choices to select would be cool. Perhaps clinching would be one of those options. Coasting for a round would be a cool option, too. Maybe it’d let your fighter regain some stamina.

Overall great post

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