Game is crashing

Update also left on TestFlight. But I am just getting a blank screen when loading the game. It then crashes. I was initially getting this with the beta. But have reverted back to the App Store version and having the same issue now.

Deleted the game and downloaded from the App Store, and it is now loading. Only issue is I have now lost all the additional weights and restore is blanked out.

It should work. It looks greyed out but should work. Maybe swipe off and then back again.
Man, worst release process ever and I thought it was shaping up as the best.

Sorry @TartanTornado

That’s all good man. Still unable to restore the purchase though. I’m out at the moment, will try properly when I’m in later.

I’ve had this issue and just lost my save from this

Any chance u could sort my game out as lost my entire save and the extra weight packs

We are sorry for that.

We have worked to contain the issue. We thought we had fixed the black screen that @TartanTornado had but things conspired. Next time we have a plan for reinforced QA and much longer testing. I was impatient because we have a huge stack of things waiting to come out…

Is there no way of getting my game back and the extra weights reinstalled