Game issue and -1 fighter fix now available to test

If you would

a/ like to try and fix either the game crashing on opening bug or the -1 fighter issue then we have a fix available to download via our usual TestFlight process.

We would welcome anyone who has experienced either issue to download using the link below

Thank you.

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Hi, I’ve downloaded the beta and giving it a go… will I have to reinstall the game when it gets approval from Apple and lose my data?

It’s running smoothly. No -1 and no crashes

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Now that is GREAT to hear!!!

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We think that we will do one further mix to ensure most people get back to normal.
Bear with us :slight_smile:

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My game is still crashing when I get to the Home Screen

Ok. Sorry to hear that.
We will look at another solution and Allow you to try again. We still do not know exactly what happened but it’s due to Apple’s update software. We will endeavour to patch again later.

When I first installed it I tried to continue game and it was crashing but I think that was because the previous game data was no longer available?When I started a new game it worked and has continued to work fine

If you make a new game there will be no problems. The issue is for some older save games and a database issue with those.

Whilst we do not think we have solved all problems we are making headway and updated one version to Apple. We will continue to work to get all games working albeit still trying to understand the nature of the issue.

I think everything is nearly back to normal. I’ve noticed with one division that for a few game weeks there was only one title in play. And then they came back but one fighter has a title defence but it was meant to be 30 odd weeks ago. And is just stuck there

Thanks for posting.
The Game Options button for the -1 fix may well help if you use that again.

If not PM us a screenshot and we’ll take a look. Thanks

Yes that did work! I’ve got no issues now

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Actually not quite everything :joy: I’ve got one title that only has one belt available. Has that been seen anywhere else?

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Done the update and still getting -1

Nevermind thibk the fights got cancelled

Did you do hit the button in game options as per the update text?