Game length (weeks)

Out of curiosity how long are everyone’s current saves?
Currently on week 1500, normally about the time I reset to keep it fresh haha

I changed my calendar so I’m on the actual date instead of weeks

Probably running this save now till the next big update

Just changed it. 1244 so a couple of years off your 1500 I think the most I’ve done is maybe 2000-2500

So 1500 was a slight over-estimate, turns out we’re pretty close to each other haha, similar to you I believe the longest I’ve gone is 2250-2500 off the top of my head.

Often find myself having a fighter like that and once they’re retiring I start over haha

Love seeing these long games.

We have one in test that went for over 2000 years which was something to behold. Also a nightmare when it came to the GOAT update time but hey…

Currently on week 7905 or the year 2171 :joy::joy::joy:

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I’m terrible for starting new games, especially when I go in the next day and have a load of champions already. Though the amateur update is keeping me on the same save for longer than I used to.

I’m sure I’ve gone through atleast 5-6 saves of 1000+ weeks haha
First one with amateurs so I’ll see how that changes things

I’d love to be able to set my own starting year. 2000, 1980, 1920 … whichever. It’s easy to fly through the years and see how the divisions progress in this game.

I personally prefer to start at some point well before 1980 and with only the “original 8” weight classes and then activate the rest of the classes at a later date.

Can you save a game and start a new game and thus not lose the old game?
If so where is this magic save button?