Game Reviews on App Store

We rarely if ever have solicited reviews (hopefully good) from users on the forum.

However if you’ve never done so then please look to leaving a review for the game on the App Store. There’s nothing as beneficial to us than a good review on the App Store and equally nothing more damaging than a bad one.

Anyway, if you have a spare few minutes and want to share your love of BM leaving a review in the App Store is a GREAT way.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Iv just had a look at the reviews. Does my head in that some just don’t have the patience to learn the game and just leave a bad review.

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I did the exact same. Stupidity. I just left a glowing review

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We try to help all but some don’t want it.

I think it’s just society now. React first, think second.

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I blame the parents.

I blame social media. It’s created a generation of Cnuts :joy:

The best advert there is for the game are its players saying it’s good.

I had reviewed before but it may have been the previous version as it let me do it again.