Game update available

We have a new version in the App Store as we work with Apple to ascertain the problem from version 1.02.12.

We will almost certainly patch again over the weekend and/or early next week. Again our apologies for the problems seen from this prior release.

Full details of the 1.02.13 update are: -

  • New rankings graph added to Career Record screen for all fighters showing the ranking progression throughout each fighter’s career.
  • All gyms when created now have at least one trainer available to sign. This fixes the issue whereby some smaller countries did not have qualifying trainers from same country.
  • Gyms can now sign trainers whose nationality is the same as the gym and not the region. This fixes the lack of realism whereby trainers and fighters not sharing location or language could be paired.
  • Improved UX when closing gyms.
  • Fixed flags for Curacao and Cayman Islands
  • Hotfix in Game Options to fix -1 fighter issue from previous game update.
  • Fixes issues with some games crashing when opening after previous release.
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I was able to continue game with no issue and I’ve successfully fought already planned fights with no -1s :muscle:

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